Guide won't respawn.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports Archive' started by RamenForSale, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. RamenForSale

    RamenForSale Green Slime

    Accidentally fell into a pit while fighting the Wall Of Flesh and now the Guide won't respawn. I can't summon the WOF anymore, has anybody else this happen?
  2. Narbs

    Narbs Demon Eye

    Yes to me, been playing for about 6-7 hours in real life time and no respawn of Guide, merchant or nurse. PLEASE release a hotfix Blue.
  3. HUlk Aji

    HUlk Aji Piranha

    there are a few things i can tell you to do:

    try verfying your game cache via steam

    if the above dont work, try changin to multiplayer, host your own world and join it

    try searching for the goblin army, there is a known bug where the goblin army message wont show up, and this will block guide and/or wof respawn, u might need to search and destroy the little pricks

    post here again if none of this works
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  4. RamenForSale

    RamenForSale Green Slime

    Searched for the Goblin Army, found them and defeated them. The Guide finally respawned :D Thanks for the help!
  5. HUlk Aji

    HUlk Aji Piranha

    oh nice!

    enjoy ur gaming
  6. xMrGreen

    xMrGreen Green Slime

    does activating a king statue help spawn the guide?
  7. thelordkhon

    thelordkhon Cave Bat

    is there a house aviable for the guide?
  8. Jaxiu

    Jaxiu Cursed Man

    I had a problem with spawning NPCs when corruption moved too close to my base. Removing the corruption helped.
  9. Narbs

    Narbs Demon Eye

    No, it doesn't I tried that when I had the problem and fixed it with Goblin Army.
  10. Rennac

    Rennac Green Slime

    Try making sure the door to the house the guide lives in is closed. Apparently, having doors open makes housing unsuitable.

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