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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Wall of Steel, May 16, 2013.

  1. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    Ladies and gentlemen. And items or bosses from Terraria. I present you my finest creation... The SHURIGUN!

    This Shurigun thing is a gun. That shoots shurikens. That is right, shurikens. We will repeat that, shurikens. You got that right, shurikens. Finally, an use for all those extra shurikens you got from chests and pots!


    Crafted with:
    1 Minishark
    50 Iron Bars
    100 Shurikens

    At an anvil.

    12 Ranged Damage
    %4 Crit. Chance
    Insanely Fast Speed
    Extremely Weak Knockback

    "A ninja's best friend!"

    This gun fires shurikens as fast as a Minishark. It has a little longer range than standart shurikens and they still obey gravity. They penetrate enemies. You might think that this is a direct upgrade to the Minishark, but it is not. While it has higher DPS than Minishark, shurikens are expensive and they still obey gravity. But it is something that I would definetly use. :3

    What it MIGHT look like:
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  2. Venomxus

    Venomxus Slimed Zombie

    And if you can upgrade it to shoot explosive shurikens later on, that would be sick.
  3. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    Well uhh... That would be OP xD

    Firing explosive shurikens as fast as a Minishark. Good lord...

    Maybe, flaming shurikens?
  4. Torque

    Torque Slimed Zombie

    I propose poisoned shurikens for an upgrade. It is not fair that you can poison only knifes, not shurikens :(
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  5. Venomxus

    Venomxus Slimed Zombie

    Maybe the explosive shurikens wouldn't detonate on impact, but distance (like jesters arrows)
  6. Flaming Igloo

    Flaming Igloo Cursed Man

    Well you have to realize that for all the OP ideas we come up with will be matched by any new monsters and bosses that will get progressively harder.
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  7. Naughty Fins

    Naughty Fins Devourer

    Maybe a slight increase in damage? Like increasing it to 11? Or 12?
    10 just seems way too weak for me, since its just the same as the Shuriken damage.

    Shouldn't it hurt more? Since the velocity of the Shuriken has increased because of the Shurigun.
  8. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus


    Okay, made it 12.

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