Halloween pwns Christmas!?!

Discussion in 'PC' started by Lakmoots, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Lakmoots

    Lakmoots Hornet

    I have been immensely happy with the Halloween event.

    After receiving so much new content in 1.2, who knew there would be such a great event so soon.

    However, there is one thing about the many, many gifts that you can receive during all the Halloween events.

    It makes Christmas look really, really, really cheap!!!

    It makes it look like a terrible "beta event" in fact...

    I am not looking for any massive change to the Christmas event - heck Red *really* needs a break, but it certainly pales in comparison now.

    All you get from presents is one useless block or a useful item in hardmode? Eh? It will just look strange to new players who have had Halloween and expect Christmas to be... well, much at all.

    My solution is *not* to do massive extra additions to Christmas.... all I think it needs is this: The ability to craft furniture out of candy canes.

    This would at least make it like pumpkin, and give a variety of different build options for players without loads of new items.

    Of course, we could always have: red nosed pets, nog potions, Santa's Bazooka, and mistletoe growing everywhere...

    But I still think Candy Cane furniture is all that is needed to "re-balance" Christmas.

    Terraria's Santa needs to be jolly, dude... ;)
  2. Lazaek

    Lazaek Yellow Slime

    It's actually already been announced that there are plans for Christmas.
  3. Lakmoots

    Lakmoots Hornet

    Ah. Forgive my ignorance...

    Makes sense, really.
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  4. Splarry

    Splarry Giant Worm

    Its great to hear there are plans, can anybody link some details? :)
  5. Lazaek

    Lazaek Yellow Slime

    I saw it on reddit somewhere, there were a few posts with irc screenshots: reddit.com/r/terraria

    Can't remember the exact one, though.
  6. Xakk

    Xakk Devourer

    Oh yiss...
    Ve haf PLANZ for ze Krismahs...
  7. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    If Halloween owns Christmas, then the final boss should be Jack Skellington.

    Also, even low-quality Asian MMORPGs keep improving their holiday events every year*. Why wouldn't Terraria?

    * Causing a wave of whining from some players because they didn't get the new shinies last year, but that's a constant in TO, so...
  8. Meatrock

    Meatrock Demon Eye

    Halloween has too many weapons and enemies because, come on, it's a scary event! We are supposed to get afraid of it, not have fun in it. Thus, Christmas should not have a big update, just some small ones regarding what has been there the first place as Lakmoots said.
  9. AzureMetal

    AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    It's like almost every post you make on the forums is about you complaining about something people might complain about but haven't and probably won't, ever. Mind stopping it? K.

    As already said, there's gonna be more Christmas content. Hoping for some cookie/gingerbread blocks so I can make a gingerbread house that isn't made of mud! Yuck..
  10. Xakk

    Xakk Devourer

    Because Redigit has already said this is the last batch of content updates. He wants to work on...something else, now.
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  11. Marcus101RR

    Marcus101RR World Feeder

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  12. Meatrock

    Meatrock Demon Eye

    Any source?
  13. Xakk

    Xakk Devourer

    Well besides having heard it from him personally, there was something on reddit...
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  14. Zenkov

    Zenkov Mouse

    I think Red will do something special for christmas too. Just wait and see.
  15. Deathskull

    Deathskull Undead Viking

    Last year Halloween had no update at all which is a far cry from the huge amount of cosmetic items, an endgame invasion with 2 boss monsters and new weapons from the recent one.
  16. Marcus101RR

    Marcus101RR World Feeder

    Last Year, Redigit was busy with life, and he announced before that he was done with Terraria. Now, he is here because Cenx gave him a slap on the wrist to make new content. The real source of new content isn't specifically because of redigit, it is mainly because Cenx felt the game deserved more content. Thank her for the push, and thank Redigit for doing it.

    I don't expect the Christmas update to be as mind-boggling as Halloween. However, it would be interesting to see some new blocks. Items on the other hand, I guess it be nice to see a New sword, ivy whip, summong staff, etc. Not sure what kind of feature it will be, but obviously it will relate to Snow/Ice types. Hmm, how about a Puffin Staff (Summons these guys, just like the Raven Staff: Click Here
  17. \\TM//

    \\TM// Yellow Slime

    And this quote is from red himself: (Posted on 1st november 9:08 pm)
    "Redigit If this was the last update I wouldn't care about the RoD. There is more coming and it interferes with what I have planned."

    On topic; There are allready some items that are somewhat releated to a future, revamped frost army type of invasion. (For example gravity globe.)

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  18. Xakk

    Xakk Devourer

    Yes but I'm saying after he gets done with the post-1.2 updates that's going to be it. Probably by christmas he'll be done, new christmas events, and then nothing else. I feel as if he hadn't intended on doing halloween but once he got into the swing of things with 1.2 he just kept going. But he's pretty final that he's done with Terraria after this last shower of new content updates. Which is probably why they're coming so hard and fast.
  19. Fox³

    Fox³ Giant Worm

    How about a boss for the new underground Ice biome, it would fit with the season.
  20. Meatrock

    Meatrock Demon Eye

    Don't forget about the S.D.M.G and the buzz about the "Lunar Boss" as well as the Steampunk wings.
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