Hamachi/No Hamachi? Terraria server [Survival,Building,Pvp]

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    This is my server for Building, Survival and pvp in some areas. It is a really great server but it needs more active players so plz join this serv and build epic buildings, fight in arenas, battle bosses and Survive! Well we want more active players to join not griefers and ppl that will play 2 days then stop we want YOU to join our server well here's all stuff you need to know
    Admin: xXTheBigJoeXx
    Mods: No Yet
    There are rules and info on a sign in spawn you must read it and if you do not follow these terms you will get warning/kick/ban
    Network Id: TheBigJoeserver4tewwawia
    Password: 321
    Server Ip:
    Server Port: 7777
    Server Password: 321
    Join The Adventure And Have Fun!

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