Hamachi relayed tunnel - cannot connect to any servers?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Segolia, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Segolia

    Segolia Green Slime

    I am having a particularly annoying issue regarding connecting to hamachi servers.

    Lately, for some reason I seem unable to join any hamachi servers. Computers hosting a terraria server always seem to give me a relayed connection and this makes me unable to connect to them (I always drop connection as soon as I join). This also applies to servers I am hosting i.e other users are unable to join with the same issues.

    the funny thing is both hosting and joining servers through hamachi normally work for me. All of a sudden they have stopped working and I am unable to fix the issue.

    I have tried reinstalling hamachi but it has not resolved the issue. I can't turn up much about it either but the most relevant thing seems to be something about forwarding a static UDP port and forcing hamachi through that (I am fairly computer literate however I know hardly anything about networking type stuff so it's pretty foreign to me).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    P.S: please do not suggest port forwarding and hosting a regular server instead of hamachi, the issue here is that I want to join other servers hosted via hamachi.
  2. MunkyzRus

    MunkyzRus Green Slime

    I am having this same problem has anyone solved it?
  3. ThePineapplizer

    ThePineapplizer Green Slime

    Im having issues with this too. Can someone technical shine some light on this?

  4. harnum

    harnum Green Slime

    The is currently issues with connecting to servers (non hamachi) so it might have something to do with that.
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  5. XTripleJaxX

    XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    There are no issues its because you fail to open your ports , No open port for hamachi=fail...
  6. T3G Silas

    T3G Silas Green Slime

  7. ThePineapplizer

    ThePineapplizer Green Slime

    This is the first time Ive had an issue with connecting to servers, sir. I believe my ports are open.

  8. Truecrisis

    Truecrisis Squirrel

    When you connect to your terraria server, dont use the LAN IP address, use the hamachi IP address, and Hamachi wont disable your connection between your two PCs
  9. Segolia

    Segolia Green Slime

    I ended up resolving my issue, I followed a guide on these forums on how to forward ports. I forwarded port 7777 for both TCP and UDP and made an inbound and outbound rule in my firewall to allow the connection. Now even the hamachi servers I was having issues with are working like a charm.

    Sorry, I can't seem to find the guide (All I remember is it was a video guide that went for about 4 mins - no voice, only annotations I think)

    Thanks a heap for the responses
  10. Zoshi

    Zoshi Cursed Man

    I have a similar problem. I only get an unusable relayed tunnel with one person. Both this person and I get good, functional direct tunnels with everyone else. My firewall is disabled, and Hamachi is in its list of allowed programs anyway. I cannot port forward as there is not a single website on the entire internet with the correct instructions for my router. I will personally deliver ten thousand Internets to the person who can solve this absolutely inexplicable dilemma.

    Edit: Today, Nothing works. I either get a relayed tunnel or a direct connection that doesn't seem to be actually connected with every peer that worked yesterday. I have seen thousands of reports of this exact problem dating from as far back as the very day Hamachi2 was released, and all the LogMeIn team has done is tell you you need to purchase the premium edition, followed by saying it doesn't actually get rid of relayed tunnels. Terrarria needs Integrated Multiplayer, and it needs it now.
  11. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    My router didn't have port forwarding option either. Does it have option for "Bridged mode"? After that i haven't had issues hosting servers for any game or application. On the downside it might make your computer more vulnerable if you don't know what you're doing
  12. gamingexpx12

    gamingexpx12 Green Slime

    My hamachi have worked fine for over a month without any portforwarding or other crap.
    Just now all of sudden i wont work it shows relayed tunnel, blocked.
    Looks like everyones hamachi is retarded now.
    EDIT: Me and my friend turned hamachi off then on and it worked!!!
  13. NobleBB

    NobleBB Green Slime

    Might seem obvious, but did you guys check your Firewall settings?

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