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Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by MonopolyMaster, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. MonopolyMaster

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    I have run servers in the past, using Hamachi, for trading on this forum. They worked fine with no issues. However, when my friend came over and tried to connect to a server I had set up for multiplayer, he was unable to do so. I have tried manually running it through terraria's multiplayer host and play option and also through TerrariaServer.exe. Either way, we encounter the same problem:

    I am able to connect to the server fine (through the IP listed on my Hamachi ID), however when my friend tries to connect he gets stuck on "Connecting to [IP HERE]." What exactly would the problem be, and why does it only seem to be happening with him?
  2. MonopolyMaster

    MonopolyMaster Green Slime

    UPDATE: I had him host one from his computer using the exact same instructions I use to host my own and he was able to connect to his own. I connected to it without issue as well...just wondering why it won't work for me as the host. We're both in the same house using the same network, though I doubt that matters.
  3. Jourdy288

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    I'm having the same problem, except my friend is on a different network not using Hamachi..
  4. cametall

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    I know nothing about Hamachi, but I ran my own server for a friend and myself the other day and he ran into the same issue. Turned out my router (maybe I goofed it up) didn't save my port forwarding. Once I made sure the change was applied to the router he connected with no issues ... except for lagging out the first time. After that all was peachy.

    Make sure, at least if you're not using Hamachi, you have port 7777 forwarded.

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