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Discussion in 'PC' started by TerrariaPlayerRick, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. TerrariaPlayerRick

    TerrariaPlayerRick Green Slime

    I have gathered enough hellstone to make a fiery greatsword finally. But, i have a dark lance that does 32 melee damage and has fast speed and weak knockback. I have also realized that its tough to hit bats and some other enemy's with this. So i dont want to make this fiery greatsword yet without knowing which one i want so here's the greatsword's stats: 32 melee damage has slow speed but it has strong knockback. i think the greatsword has an advantage in range because it spins around but the dark lance is faster and can sometimes hit up to three times in one swipe. Please help and respond!
  2. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    I'm no Terraria professional, but if you have space in your inventory and you aren't at risk to lose your items, I think carrying them both around is fine.

    When I play Terraria, I usually have a variety of weapons on me so that combat never gets old, I can switch to whatever weapon suits the enemy best, and because I'm wimpy and play on softcore. ;)

    Meh, I'm sure someone will come along and give much better advice than me soon.
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  3. Scizor300

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    Keep both of them.

    Fiery Greatsword for the power, status effect, and range. The Dark Lance for the much faster firerate and the fact that it mutilates any worm enemy.
  4. foggy

    foggy Slimed Zombie

    Get Minecraft
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  5. W1K

    W1K Spambot

    The Lance is definitelly the best choice in my opinion for the most of it due to the high range, easy multiple hits and the huge light range (usefull for exploring and shits). All that, obviously, as long as you are good enough at using it.

    Minecraft aint even got spears lol gtfo
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  6. rasputin

    rasputin Blazing Wheel

    Spear over swords any day.
  7. m31k

    m31k Clown

    Yeah, spears are better than sword, I can't understand who say Excalibur is better that Gunril.
    This about me isn't answer it is like like answer to question Why I could buy terraria? and answer was Why not? And after that reator lossed buyer.

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