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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Keui, May 27, 2011.

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  1. Keui

    Keui Green Slime


    Hard-mode is a modded server intended to provide, if not a little more challenge, then a lot more chaos. If you're a newbie or just starting a new character, please avoid this server; you will die a lot. If you're elite, with the best gear and a fully loaded star gun, please remember to piggy bank your gold; you will die a lot.

    Ops can use teleport to check up on you; they can teleport you to them if you are acting suspicious (or if they're trying to do something and want you there).
    No speed hacks; no max life hacks; no star cannons during boss battles or PVP, please.
    Throwing explosives upon joining will be grounds for a kick-ban.
    During FFA-mode, GO NUCKING FUTS!

    Kickable and bannable offenses:
    Spreading corruption is griefing. (kick or ban)
    Breaking walls, chests, tables, chairs, furnaces, or anvils without permission is griefing. (kick or ban)
    Hacking is griefing. (ban)
    Explosives is griefing. (ban)
    Star cannons during boss battles or PVP is griefing. (kick)
    Swearing excessively is griefing. (kick)

    If you have a problem with an op, please post here or PM me.

    Strong Anti-grief
    In-game, op-usable kick and ban commands (ops are around often)
    Ops can spawn from a small set of amusing, enjoyable monsters (among them, PINKY SWARM!)
    Daily goblin invasion and boss invasion!
    Buffed many of the monsters
    If the server is full, you will be able to partially connect; it will then boot you and inform you that the server is full. No more "Is it down or just full?"

    Thanks for playing! The server is looking thoroughly awesome so far!

    There is now dedicated VPS hosting! 16 player maximum!
    No password, as always!

    Please refrain from PMing me further.
  2. leep12

    leep12 Green Slime

    looks cool i will pm u
  3. 7fallen

    7fallen Green Slime

    awesome sauce im PM'ing nao!
  4. Skyler071998

    Skyler071998 Green Slime

    i wanna join to
  5. leep12

    leep12 Green Slime

    and i will like to know where u got the mods i have been looking for some :)
  6. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    Working on them myself. Besides the occasional crash-and-burn build, they're not too hard to make (insofar as the small mods I've been making).

    EDIT: I'm heading out now. Everyone who has asked has gotten IP and pass. Enjoy!
  7. Moonwar

    Moonwar Doctor Bones

    Lookz awsome, i wana join:cool:
  8. 7fallen

    7fallen Green Slime

    Hmm.. crashed on me and now i cant get back on the server :(
  9. gabindo

    gabindo Green Slime

    sweet mods
  10. GodlyVG

    GodlyVG Green Slime

    Me please :D seems very interesting :)
  11. noke28

    noke28 Green Slime

    ill join
  12. RobotCreeper

    RobotCreeper Green Slime

    I'll join :D
  13. Necrolance

    Necrolance Doctor Bones

    What sucks is I'm trying to connect and it gets stuck on 'found server' after I put the password in. x.x
  14. sproginator

    sproginator Green Slime

    dude looks like a really fun idea, im interested:
  15. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    When was this? Anyone else on the server? :eek:
  16. noke28

    noke28 Green Slime

    i need the ip for the server
  17. sproginator

    sproginator Green Slime

    keui i would like to join your amazingly fun looking server :)
  18. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    Meh, don't even know why I'm not just doing this:

    Might be down. Away from my computer and trying to get info.
  19. 7fallen

    7fallen Green Slime

    it stays stuck on "found server"
    both the IP and PW are correct tho...
  20. sproginator

    sproginator Green Slime

    i keep having the found server message after ive typed in the password? :s
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