Hardcore mode unbalanced.

Discussion in 'PC' started by MainRow, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. MainRow

    MainRow Squirrel

    I use to play Terraria quite often, but that as since changed since I defeated Wall of Flesh. After beating WOF, this game became a chore and wasn't fun anymore. I normally play Terraria has a single player game (personal preference) and this is base on my impression of playing alone.

    I find playing this game is now a chore, it isn't fun. I jump onto this game only to remember why I don't play as often. I go exploring only to be attacked by high hp: damage ratio monster who frequently spawn in without an end in sight. The Corruption underground is a "no man's land" where I can't go an inch without being swarmed by corruptor and world eaters. I also can't ignore most of these monster or run away as they follow you (chaos elemental, world eater) and trying to get away while digging is impossible.

    Potion Sickness: This has to be removed, or significantly reduced. Hardcore mode and potion sickness does not go well together, it’s a nightmare trying to stay alive. There is no such thing as dodging in most circumstances in this game, especially when exploring tunnels. Potion sickness needs to be balanced; the duration should depend on how much a potion heal or just completely removed. 60 seconds for using any potion is way to long.

    De-buff Duration: I personally feel no debuff duration should be longer than 30 seconds, up to 1 minute at most. Broken Armor debuff is overpowered at this point with Potion sickness, there is no way this debuff should last 5 minutes especially when the monster who apply the debuff are so common.

    Spreading Biomes: This really changed the whole dynamic of Terraria for me, knowing that the world you worked so hard to building is constantly changing (in a negative way). The Hallow and Corrupt constantly spreading was a mechanic that killed this game for me, it’s not fun and its ridicules. It’s a chore just attempting to stop these biomes from spreading and the user truly gets nothing out of it other than their world’s not getting hijack.

    Monster Damage: I personally think these hardcore monsters are dealing way too much for how frequent they show up and with potion sickness in the game. These monsters Hp : Damage ratios are way too high, it takes time trying to kill these monsters only to run into even more 5 seconds later.

    A lot of the mechanics introduced in 1.1 hardcore mode are very anti-fun. This game isn't difficulty, it's unbalanced.

    TL: DR: Anti-Fun mechanics, unbalanced
  2. zeroofshadow

    zeroofshadow Doctor Bones

    potion sickness: use buffs, even the hardest bosses hit for 15 with them, and you can just dodge, it makes you want to not sit tank.

    de-buff:again, dont get hit, even then it's not hard to deal with losing half your armor, just hold up for a little while

    biomes:thats the whole point of hardcore mode, if you didn't want it, why go into hardcore?

    monster damage: buff potions you should be using solve this, and have adam+ makes all of them do nothing, plus you can wear the cross and basically half the damage taken over time.
  3. vPixel

    vPixel Green Slime

    It's called "hardmode".

    What do you expect, Hallowed Armor falling from the sky or something?
  4. Paperbags

    Paperbags Dark Caster

    If this is all true, explain to me why practically everyone else enjoys hardmode and only finds it a minor challenge?
  5. Obselescence

    Obselescence Clinger

    Part of the problem, I think, is that everything Hardmode has to throw at the player gets unleashed as soon as it starts. Pre-Hardmode Terraria had the benefit of making it so that the players would encounter more difficult enemies as they progressed (by separating everything into biomes), but Hardmode's new enemies are pretty uniformly powerful, regardless of biome.

    The upshot of this is that the enemy layout has to remain the same throughout Hardmode, but the player is constantly getting stronger.

    So the Devs likely decided the ideal solution was to set the average difficulty pretty high -- monsters still have to present a decent challenge when you've climbed to Adamantite gear... And thus, you get screwed over when you're still running around in Molten.

    -Monsters stay the same throughout Hardmode.
    -Devs realized this and balanced the monsters for the higher-tier gears.
    -Player gets wrecked as they start Hardmode in the lower-tier gears.
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  6. MainRow

    MainRow Squirrel

    This post wasn't really helpful in any way. I wasn't looking for advice, I know how to play the game. I was talking about how unbalanced a lot of the mechanics in hardcore mode is. Dodging only works for so long and it isn't even effective, This game will throw enough mobs at you till you get hit and your are not always in a position where you can dodge effectively.
  7. zebri

    zebri Icy Merman

    I've seen quite a few threads about
    how hard hardmode is.
    As i came to the surface after killing the wall of flesh, i made
    gallons of holy water and threw it all over my village for no reason, making it hallowed.
    Then the night came and wraiths popped up. I realised that
    hardmode has it's name for a purpose and so i built my house
    at a skybridge i used to get enough stars for the star cannon to beat the WoF.
    I am literally getting bored in my house because there's nothing
    to kill except pixies, cursed armors, gastropods and sometimes zombies; most
    of them even only pop up at night.
    So yeah, build your house at a elevated position, around 40 blocks high
    and you are safe frome wyverns and if you do some decent traps, even from walking
    monsters. Flying things can't bother you as long as you stay inside.
    Wraiths also can't reach you.
  8. zeroofshadow

    zeroofshadow Doctor Bones

    and i was saying how it is balanced, the fact that you have potions of healing, regen, and armor buff make it so most things do nothing, the balance is based around the items you can use, if your not using them, it's gonna feel unbalanced. sure your gonna be hit, but theres enough ways to negate/regen that damage that you don't have to worry too much, but still find it a threat.
  9. Drazzt

    Drazzt Demon Eye

    I'm inclined to disagree. I can agree that the broken armour debuff is rather powerful, and can be the bane of an unprepared explorer, but the rest of hardmore seems to work well. After all, it is hardmode.

    I can provide some insight into helping your gameplay out. Try to find a large amount of demon alters, smash them, and go on the hunt. Try to ignore/block off enemy mobs so you can mine in peace, but your goal is to acquire the new hardmode ores ASAP. The game with hellstone gear and a few warding accessories was hard as hell, so you really need to try and max your defense quickly. If you can find a few nice items from mimics they will help greatly, phil stone and cross necklace will help you stay alive much more.

    Regarding the biome change, I honestly havent stopped it ever. I've not seen much issue from it as my homes and buildings are all covered against outside attacks. I can say, you may want a safe place to go during bloodmoons at first, or to keep your NPC's in a safe zone, as they will die regularly if not kept safe.

    Potion sickness has never been an issue. In fact, it makes the game fun, as in dodging and moving become part of surviving, not just standing still unloading on a mob and chugging HP pots. You can make the new potions relatively easily by making a part of your hellavator hallowed.

    Your experiencing what we all suffered through mate, don't worry, with the new gear you can stay alive much easier, killing foes and surviving hits better. Try to give yourself goals like killing a Wyvern for a pair of wings, get the goblin and craft some spectre boots. When you are only trying small things at a time, you can usually proceed with a slow pace, but alive at least.

    Sorry for the wall of text but I feel these issues arent really issues, more just you having to adapt to hardmode. Did I mention it was hard?
  10. Obselescence

    Obselescence Clinger

    Balanced, sure -- but for what level of gear? Hell, as a biome, is balanced, but it's not like it's a suitable place for new players to be dropped at, or any challenge for a player in Hallowed.

    I think the point might be that Hardmode has been balanced for somewhere between Mythril-Adamantite gear, which leaves people who are just starting it playing an unbalanced game.
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  11. Panic_Prone

    Panic_Prone Squirrel

    I disagree on all of your points. I understand this is your opinion, but claiming it is unbalanced is where you run into a problem. The masses of people who don't think hardmode is too hard pretty much destroy your argument.

    Potion sickness was a great addition to the game, it stopped us from sitting in one spot tanking everything including bosses by simply bringing tons of potions. That shouldn't be possible.

    De-buff duration I suppose could be argued, however I like it. It is similar to the potion sickness by which it causes you to not want to sit and tank monsters. You see an armored skeleton you keep your distance! And you can certainly survive even with broken armor, if you get unlucky with one dropping on your head or something, just play a little more carefully for a few minutes.

    Spreading Biomes: I found this to be a great addition. There isn't really any reason that you should feel the need to keep them from spreading, other then corruption away from your housing (but that is simple). If you want to keep an area of good old forest you can isolate it by digging tunnels, which while is slightly time-consuming, isn't difficult at all.

    Monster Damage: Stop getting hit so much. It isn't too high once you grab your first hardmode armor, and before that you can stay in the underground jungle.

    Did you ever watch the Dev's let's play? Or any other let's play of this game? Dying has always been a part of the game. When I first started hardmode I died about 20 times before I could even get to a demon alter. This was one of the most fun times I had during the game, the first real challenge since the first few nights when I first got the game.

    Remember, if you had fun in pre-hardmode, you can always opt out of killing the WoF, 1.1 doesn't magically ruin the first part of the game. Or if you don't like the biomes taking over your town, you can use a different world for hardmode.
  12. zeroofshadow

    zeroofshadow Doctor Bones

    i can see that, but hellfire+ironskin adds up to block close to the same amount as the first tier of new armor, which felt enough to survive when i first started out, not enough to not die, but enough to stay alive for a while.
  13. Standale27

    Standale27 Cursed Skull

    The first time I did Hardmode, I did it with some friends who had started it before me, so I could have some help on some things I didn't understand.

    Now, Hardmode is as easy as Normal Mode. All you have to do is prepare, don't just try to mine some Cobalt with no buffs or unreforged weapons.
  14. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    1. it's Hardmode, not hardcore.

    2. what part of HARDMODE don't you understand? it's to be hard, coz it's hard, it makes it more fun to try and stay alive, it also unlocks more stuff, so if you don't like it, deal with it, heres an idea, this go for EVERYONE, before making your world Hardmode, make a copy/backup of the world! so if your gettin' bored of hardmode, you can drop that copy in and play on that! :)
  15. Obselescence

    Obselescence Clinger

    I actually took issue with Potion Sickness back in 1.0.6, when it was introduced. 1.1 sort of swept that water under the bridge, though, so whatever.

    Also, I really disagree with the idea that the only viable alternative to Potion Spamming was Potion Sickness.

    Also, also, I'm pretty sure that it's totally viable to tank the Destroyer, at the very least.

    I think Cobalt actually caps at just 1 Defense above Molten. You only really start seeing the massive boosts given by the new gear at around Mythril and Adamantite, at which point you start running into really substantial gains.

    Cobalt maxes at 26 Defense. 1 Defense above Molten.
    Mythril maxes at 37 Defense. 12 Defense above Molten.
    Adamantite maxes at 46 Defense. 21 Defense above Molten.

    Obviously, you can make up for some of that disparity with Ironskin Potions, but there's nothing stopping you from drinking Ironskins in Mythril or Adamantite either.

    And just to compare:

    A Skeleton Archer's arrow does about 22-23 damage to a player in Molten.
    That same Skeleton Archer does about 12 damage to a player in Adamantite.

    That's roughly twice as much damage per hit!

    It's hard to argue that players just starting out on Hardmode are playing the same game as players who have made a lot of progress in Hardmode. The gear just gets substantially better as you move forward, but the enemies made for that much-better gear are present at ALL times -- even when you're just starting off with your comparably-flimsy gear.
  16. Panic_Prone

    Panic_Prone Squirrel

    I agree that they could have done other things to stop it, but at least they attempted something.

    My point with tanking wasn't that it isn't possible at all, but that it couldn't be done with low tier gear by simply spamming potions. Yeah, you can tank the destroyer, but not until you get decent armor and can deal reasonable damage.
  17. GoldenPhoenix 97

    GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    wait a minute your saying hard made is....HARD!? well no shit. i mean i don't wanna sound mean but the only things i agree with is that broken armor should last maybe a minute at the most. also the potion sickness should correspond to what you used as you said. a mushroom should be about 10-15 seconds while say a greater healing potion should be maybe 40 seconds or so. everything else is fine. its called hard mode for a reason theres no need to say its horribly unbalanced when its clearly not.
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  18. Of course it's going to be hard if you're running around with only molten, I got my ass kicked with my necro armor, but after you get cobalt/mythril and addy as well as some of the hardmore stuff it gets way easier. Honestly, I still have a hard time with fully addy since the addy helm only gives like 4 def, compared to the addy whatever..(melee one) which gives around 20+ defense.

    Once you get some of the hardmode items, you can pretty much destroy anything. But if you haven't even gotten any of them, just stop, and play the game get some angel wings, crystal storm maybe combine some accesories. Honestly, the potion sickness adds a nice difficulty up to the game, when I first played the game on the week of release, I beat the goblin army with iron armor and a gold broadsword.

    If you have that much trouble with potion sickness, get greater healing potions and a philospher stone.
  19. Obselescence

    Obselescence Clinger

    It's not necessarily unbalanced. It's just inflexibly balanced. The difficulty doesn't change at all as you move from Cobalt to Mythril to Adamantite (each tier higher being substantially better than the last), so the Devs ended up balancing the game at Mythril-Adamantiteish in difficulty.

    Which means that players in Molten-Cobalt are temporarily outmatched.

    Personally, I'd prefer if Hardmode focused more on scaling, instead of starting out monstrous and getting continually easier as you climb up.
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  20. SuperTurtle24

    SuperTurtle24 Slimed Zombie

    It's called hardmode, what do you expect?

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