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Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by CantripKing, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. CantripKing

    CantripKing Green Slime

    I'm hosting a server on the Xbox version of Terraria and need people who would be willing to play.

    This server is for hardcore characters only, so anyone joining with a softcore or mediumcore character will be first asked to switch to a hardcore character, and if they refuse to comply they will be kicked.

    Anyone wanting to join can add me on Xbox. My Gamertag is CantripKing.
  2. Psysaturn

    Psysaturn Zombie

    Gotta poop but I sent a request. I'm BumbleCrab.
  3. FxJango

    FxJango Green Slime

    Gt: Fx Jango
    request sent.
  4. zothaq

    zothaq Mouse

    I sent a friend request
  5. IsaiasNi

    IsaiasNi Mouse

    I added you. See you in-game! ;)
    GT: WavierConch86

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