iOS Hardmode Has Been Submitted! Release Expected This Week!

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by 505Games, Aug 26, 2014.

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  1. 505Games 505Games

    Great News!

    First, We would like to say thank you for being so patient while we worked through this recent bug. We fixed it, put the game through its paces in QA, and submitted it to its final step at Apple.

    If all goes smoothly, and we have full confidence that it will, Hardmode will hit iOS devices any day!

    Here is some Hardmode info to get you even more excited:

    Defeat the Wall of Flesh to transform your world!
    • New biomes
    • New bosses
    • 20+ new enemies
    • 100+ new items
    • New NPCs
    • Use the Pwnhammer to destroy Demon Altars and create new ores
    Also new: combat targeting!
    • Touch an enemy to target it and you will aim toward it by default
    • Very helpful for ranged weapons!
    Finally: we've added Everyplay support!
    • Record and share your gameplay via the Pause Menu
    • Watch other players' adventures via the Videos button in the Main Menu

    Due to the performance requirements for HardMode this update will require iOS 6.1 or higher and is optimized for iPod touch 5th gen, iPhone 4, or iPad 2 or better

    Thank you for your continued support of Terraria!
  2. Loki ISP Moderator

    Awesome stuff! Glad we are back on track after last week's delay!

    Everyone should carefully read what 505 bolded at the bottom.
  3. ahamling27 Map Expert/Admin

    Nice work guys! I'm sure the extra time was worth it for a bug-less experience. :)
  4. GoldenTerrarian Hell Bat

  5. MightyDave Mouse

    Is the update coming to kindle fire too?
  6. Player0_0 Mouse

    Yes, thank you!
    Now I hope that people can stop insulting 505 Games and Codeglue just for delaying the update a little while.
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  7. shadow1591 Zombie

    Yes! Now i dont have to learn Japanese to kill time
  8. Mike59 Green Slime

    Do we have to create a new character?
  9. Player0_0 Mouse

    Well, it said the update will hit iOS devices, but maybe.
  10. Loki ISP Moderator

    Logan, you mentioned last week that the delay may mean a co-launch with Android....just anticipating that question and didn't see it in your posts. Is there an update there?

    Thanks again for your - and the entire team's - hard work thus far!
  11. JoobleDude Mouse

    Everyone, be good children! 505Games are still online!

    Wait what? No, I wasn't telling them to act well behaved! You overheard me? Sorry pa :(

    Will an iPad mini come under the requirements of 'iPad 2 or better'?
  12. GoldenTerrarian Hell Bat

  13. MightyDave Mouse

    If it does, i'm gonna go celebrate now
  14. shadow1591 Zombie

    I hope apple hurries up and has it by thursday , they always have new games and updates on thursdays
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  15. 505Games 505Games

    Android is just finishing up some late stage bug squashing. Should be following iOS closely, specific date is not yet confirmed.
  16. JoobleDude Mouse

    I'm frightened, what if after all this time I can't run it on my device properly D:
  17. GoldenTerrarian Hell Bat

    Sob what's gonna be goin on with you at Pax Prime? How will you release the Android update while you're gone? (If you do)
  18. MightyDave Mouse

    That's what i was thinking with my kindle D:
  19. shadow1591 Zombie

    Im sure it will run it will it has the same processor as iPod 5 so...
  20. I'm concerned ........I haven't heard anything what so ever about android...... -.-
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