Hardmode Pickaxes (instead of drills)

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  1. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    I've made this mod for myself because I found no standalone Version of drill-replacing pickaxes for the three hardmode metals. But then I decided to release it to the public in case anyone else also doesnt like the drills and their sound.

    What it does:
    This tConfig mod adds a Cobalt Pickaxe, a Mythril Pickaxe and an Adamantite Pickaxe to the game. Their values are identical to their corresponding drill. The drills remain in game unaltered.
    Because I didnt really know what to do with the Hamdrax (hard to imagine a fitting tool that can be swung like a pick) I only changed the sound it makes. At least I hope I did, I dont actually have a Hamdrax yet :)

    It seems the pickaxes will append at the bottom of the crafting menu and not in the cobalt/mythril/adamantite section.

    Images created and supplied by MrMrDGamer, many thanks! Credits go to him for creating the images, I barely did anything by creating three text files.

    Enjoy and leave feedback if you (dis)like!


    Dec 21, 2012 Updated for tConfig Release 16 (v0.28.2)

    Apr 5, 2012 A slight oversight prevented this mod from working. Now it works and the source code is also included

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  2. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    Cool. Somewhat disappointing sprites, could you also add hamaxes? :D
  3. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    You are welcome to supply more exciting sprites and I'll make a special mod version for you.
    Adding hamaxes would be possible but I dont have any intentions to change the game balance. I could add hardmode axes though, but I need to find or create some sprites for them first (which probably will be rather unspectacular)
  4. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    Adding hamaxes would change the balance of the game?
  5. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    Yes, slightly. There are no cobalt hammers and by combining two items you save an inventory slot. Also the speed of the chainsaws is slightly faster than a pwnhammer.
    I may consider it though, it isnt all that much work to do.
  6. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    This mod now actually works, grab it in the first post attachment :)
  7. Billon Humbuger

    Billon Humbuger Cursed Man

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  8. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    Your post was so lame I'm not even going to bother.
  9. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    Go home.
    I found a few things wrong with that post.
    1. Caps lock?
    2. Five exclamation marks?
    3. I think you were attempting english, but I don't know for sure.
    4. So many typo's
  10. anyways, the pickaxes are good but are they faster than drills or the same?
  11. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    The stats are exactly the same as on the drills, no changes there!
  12. so basicly this is a texture pack
  13. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    No, the picks are new items which can be crafted in addition to drills. I made this mod for myself because I was annoyed with the sound and handling of the drills.
  14. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    Well that's embarassing.xD
    That's what I get for typing on my tablet.
  15. vge

    vge Green Slime

    Any chance of getting this updated to work with the latest tconfig?

    I finally got tconfig working specifically for this mod because drills sound terrible.
  16. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    I've stopped playing Terraria shortly after releasing this mod, but later today I can take a look to see what changed.
    Adding new items in tConfig was rather easy, so if you want to give it a try yourself then check out the source, which is included in the download.
  17. IRID1UM

    IRID1UM Green Slime

    Its updated now and will hopefully work.
    The source is included and should make any further updates easy to accomplish for everyone who downloads this.

    If a mod could append a tConfig tag to the thread I'd be thankful.

    Have fun!

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