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  1. MrDwarfy Green Slime

    Hi, iv been playing terraria for around 3 days now, and iv got to the point where i got full molten armor, feiry greatsword, molten fury, star cannon and so on, and im planning on killing the wall of flesh, but what im worried about is the spread of corruption and hallow. i have read lots of guides about it but im still little bit confused as i know mud block stop the spread of corruption and hallow, but how big does the wall of mud block have to be?can someone help?
  2. Gentlepyro Green Slime

    1.Mud doesnt block the spread
    2.Wall must be 3 blocks thick
  3. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    Dig 3 tiles wide hellevators at both ends of the corruption and you shall live in peace.
  4. MrDwarfy Green Slime

    how do i change it to easymode after i defeat the wall of flesh?and if i do change it to easy will the hallow still be there? and also will the new bosses also be there and will i be able to destroy demon altars too?
  5. yoiT Green Slime

    If I were you I would start a new world for hardmode, that way if you've built a massive house/base/castle, it won't get affected.

    You can't change the world back to easymode, which is why you should make a separate world for it.
  6. Gentlepyro Green Slime

    You should just uninstall terraria, would save you a lot of trouble.
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  7. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    And hours of lifetimetime, probably.

    So yeah, i just realised that you can't just dig a hellevator down at both ends of the corruption sice
    when you enter hardmode, a diagonal strip of bot hallow and corruption is created so it would be almost
    impossible to keep control over them. The only thing that effectively stops the corruption is the hallow itself.
    If you don't want to deal with this just create a new world and use the hardmode world for farming and boss-fights.
  8. MrDwarfy Green Slime

    so i should just create a new world and leave the hardmode one for boss farming etc?
  9. yoiT Green Slime

    Well I meant create a new world FOR harmode.

    Do you have a really big base/castle thing whatever? If you don't then just make it on your current world.
  10. MrDwarfy Green Slime

    Its not really that big, it just has little rooms for the NPC's and a big room at the bottom for me. I might just create a new world and use the current one for hardmode
  11. AnonTheMouse Floaty Gross

    One option is to make a tramway. That is, at a depth that won't give you too much trouble, make a horizontal path underground from one beach to the other. It's really too much trouble to even try tunnelling under the beaches and oceans unless you're pretty deep, so just make a Hellevator where they start. Then make 3-5 block wide vertical shafts into said path at the borders of each biome and/or any points of interest. For added class, put 2-3 block brick walls on the tunnels. What this will do (and I'm not going to lie, it takes FOREVER) is give you fast transportation around your world, while also building a grid to contain the Corruption and Hallow in just one or two sections. You can improve the effectiveness with more horizontal tracks, but it takes even longer. Either way, you're pretty much sacrificing everything below a certain depth...but that's fine as it gives you places to farm souls. You can, however, add a Hellevator or few to the system as well, which will ensure at least a few untouched areas deeper down as well.

    It's a lot of prep, and you have to do it in advance, but can at least reduce the Corruption and Hallow to a bit more manageable chunks.
  12. MrDwarfy Green Slime

    do you think creating a new world and leaving the current one on hard mode to farm bosses/souls and the other 3 type of ores?
  13. yoiT Green Slime

    If you're worried about having your main base constantly under threat, then yes make a new world as your base with all your NPCs and storage.
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