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  1. Eiarlin

    Eiarlin Squirrel

    I heard that the next patch wouldn't be coming out til next month, so I decided I wanted to try and make my own texture pack. I haven't done to much yet, but I just wanted to share my progress and see what everyone thought about it. Also please post any suggestions!
    Item_7.png Item_9.png Item_42.png Item_50.png Item_52.png Item_85.png Item_1.png Item_2.png Item_3.png Item_5.png Item_17.png Item_18.png Item_198.png Heart.png Item_4.png Item_27.png Item_73.png Item_156.png Item_158.png Item_159.png
  2. EmoShmoul

    EmoShmoul Green Slime

    Wow. Veeeerrryyyyy nice work. I'll be keeping my eye on it. You've managed to upgrade the resolution in a way that doesn't destroy the feel of Terraria, a quite laudable and uncommon feat.
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  3. Eiarlin

    Eiarlin Squirrel

    Yeah, I was trying to keep the Terraria feel to all the items and just bump up the quality. The phaseblade is kinda pushing it I think, i edited it a little to much and made it to 'new' I guess? haha:)
  4. EmoShmoul

    EmoShmoul Green Slime

    The mushroom looks so squeshy. I wanna hug it.
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  5. Eiarlin

    Eiarlin Squirrel

    hahaha! yeah, the mushroom were fun to make:)
  6. Hobobob38

    Hobobob38 Green Slime

    nice work, i will definitely download this when you finish it.
  7. ForeverCopper

    ForeverCopper Dark Caster

    These look great so far! Keep going, I'll download it when it's done :)
  8. grimygamer

    grimygamer Zombie

    nice work when is it gone be done?
  9. Rusty1996

    Rusty1996 Snatcher

    i have some suggestions =>

    well you can change some amoursitemz looks
    copper amour/item: it could have a rusty look to it?
    iron amour : could be like plate legs and chain mail and a open face helmet like gold but with out the wings on helmet
    iron items can have a shaper edges,grayer white colour
    silver amour : whiteish goldish trim? for the body you could add soulder pads? and the leggs knee pads?
    helmet well same butt more better colour look?.

    hope u liek that all ideas i have hope u like =>
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  10. Eiarlin

    Eiarlin Squirrel

    umm im not sure a day it will be done, i am hoping it will be done within the next 2-4 weeks.. i know its a lond time, but i am putting a lot of love into each peice:)

    that sounds like a great idea, but i think i am going to just up the resolution on everything and put it up for download, then i will go back and customize all the items to how i think they look good.:)
  11. ShadoShade

    ShadoShade Green Slime

    Haha wow. I was just working on my own texture pack to make stuff smoother. Like this texture pack and I'm pretty sure it will take longer than 4 weeks to finish due to walls being a pain to do. And every single item. I just realised I may need help making mine...
  12. Eiarlin

    Eiarlin Squirrel

    yeah, the more i work on it the longer i think it will take, but i will finnish sometime soon:)
  13. ShadoShade

    ShadoShade Green Slime

    I'll probably get someone to help me on mine, for the first thing, getting the armour and vanity items to show up on the character is hard work.
    Good luck on the texture pack. They're really good, tiles are also a pain...
  14. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    I like the improved look, with the same feel.
  15. Zedd_

    Zedd_ Squirrel

    This is an amazing texture pack.. i was looking for one like this for weeks! Keep up the good work!
  16. Eiarlin

    Eiarlin Squirrel

    Thanks for all the positive comments! It is really motivating me to continue on with this project! I will finish it fairly soon!
  17. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

  18. Rusty1996

    Rusty1996 Snatcher

    Thanks for Answering back
  19. iRaven

    iRaven Green Slime

    Love the phaseblade
  20. Eiarlin

    Eiarlin Squirrel

    you're welcome!;)
    It's alright. Every time i see it i just want to change it..
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