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Discussion in 'PC' started by bomboy2121, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime


    kinda a new playr i only playd a week but i watched lots of videos about the game and i know some about it

    i heard u can start the corruption by planting a seed u get from a boss and i dont got:

    1. why should i start it i need to start it there any speical iteams u get from the corruption

    4.what happen if its spreed compltle the world to stop it

    help will be very apprecited
  2. KLouD KoNNeCteD

    KLouD KoNNeCteD Crimera

    You can get corrupt seeds from the Eye of Cthulu I believe.

    1. why should i start it - There really isn't any reason to grow your own corruption unless you want to build an artificial one or use it for building (cemetery, corrupt town/castle) I use corrupt blocks to build a boss arena so I can fight Eater of Worlds and summon many more bosses for a bigger challange. i need to start it - No you don't have to. It is optional. there any speical iteams u get from the corruption - Just the usual stuff that you can get from Shadow Orbs and whatever mob drops that are in the area.

    4.what happen if its spreed compltle the world - You should be pretty safe from this until you activate hard mode. to stop it - Sunflowers, stone, clay, sand. Pretty much anything. Before hard mode only corrupt grass will spread (going by memory here so I may be wrong) As long as you keep dirt/grass a few tiles away it won't spread out of control.

    I hope that helps! If I posted anything incorrect please feel free to correct me. Also enjoy this awesome game! It sucked 700 hours of my life away! :D
  3. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime

    first 10x for the help and is the shadow orb spawn only in the corrupiton and can i get something realy good from the monsters drops?

    and i forgot to ask something:

    if i will make a huge flooting island with trees,dirt.stone,and all the stuff checnged.
    it will stay there and wont enfact the wrold but still spawn the shadow orb and mobs?

    and what ddo u mean by if u not in hard mode?
  4. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel


    It won't spawn shadow orbs but should spawn the mobs. In hardmode sunflowers won't stop the corruption spread and it will spread through stone, grass and sand at a fairly high rate. It will also spread in the Jungle by converting mud blocks to dirt but slowly.
  5. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime

    is it gone damge my house ?

    what happen if it spreed the whole world and im in hardmode?

    and is there any why to stop it in hard mode?

    and high rate how much is it? day? a min or a couple secs?

    is shadow orbs kinda of a monster and what drops i can get from it?

    i know im askeing alot but i dont know so much about this.. corruption
  6. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel

    Here you go. Its all in the wiki - Corruption
  7. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime

    saw all but is the stuffs in the shadow orb REALY worth to start it?
  8. Soulstealers

    Soulstealers Green Slime

    Hmm I have some similar questions...

    1. Will corruption affect floating islands?

    2. Is there anything better than Purification powder? It really is rubbish and impossible to use die to the fact it does not penetrate blocks.

    The corruption is more of an annoyance to me at this point, so I just want to kill the stuff
  9. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel

    @bomboy2121 - The stuff in Shadow Orbs can be pretty useful but not required. There are however some events that won't take place until at least one is broken. These are Meteorite crashes and Goblin invasions. You need to defeat at least one Goblin Army so the Goblin Tinkerer is spawned underground. Meteorite imo is just an annoyance as the armor offers less defense than Shadow Armor but is good for a magic using character early game and gives access to the Star Cannon and Space Gun (set bonus reduces mana cost of Space Gun to zero).

    @Soulstealers - When hardmode is activated the stripes of Hallow and Corruption doesn't stop at the surface. If there is a floating island in the way it will convert it also. It can also be converted by Corruptors spit if it hits an island. Depending on world size they can be an easy target. In small world its not uncommon to have floating islands visible from the surface.

    Purification powder is the best and only thing there is that will eliminate the corruption. Holy Water can be used to but it converts it to Hallow instead of back to normal blocks.
  10. Soulstealers

    Soulstealers Green Slime

    so in other words, everything is fairly rubbish when it comes to purifying corruption. yay.

    That's my only gripe with this game there's is no way to really STOP corruption without spending are ridiculous ammount of time removing it block by block
  11. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel

    Well you could always cheat and remove it all with TEdit if it bugs you that much.
  12. Soulstealers

    Soulstealers Green Slime

    TEdit? Never used it before, didn't realize you could do that lol.

    But yeah, I prefer to use in game ways of doing so, but when push comes to shove, I'd rather use a cheat program to remove that bloody stuff. Does it work on a MP server? Or do you have to load it in SP before hand to remove the corruption
  13. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime

    but what happen if im in hardmode and the crruption takes over the all world? lets say all the biomes removed (somehow)
    and theres only crrution? is it just gone annoy me or is it blowing the world or lots of mobs comeing? i didnt found thet awnser in the wiki so help?
  14. Soulstealers

    Soulstealers Green Slime

    just re-start/cheat I guess
  15. Classikly

    Classikly Frankenstein

    You do realize that you don't manually 'start' the corruption, it already generated when you created your world.
  16. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime

    i didnt know its starting with the world

    but plz no1 know what happen if its takeing over the world in hard mode?
  17. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel

    Nothing really. In hardmode, eventually the entire map will be hallow/corrupt anyway. Same if you completely remove the hallow/corruption with a tool like TEdit, nothing special happens.

    The only problem is that some items can be more difficult to obtain, like shark fins. You can always create artificial biomes and tree farms. Sand can be purified for glass and blocks can be purified for bricks.

    This is what happens when you play hardmode on the same world for a long period of time:
  18. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121 Green Slime

    lol hard times

    10x thets everything i needed to know thenk u all for the help

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