Help, Cant start terraria... :/

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Heimo, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Heimo Green Slime

    when i try to start terraria it come upi Prepearing to launh terraria (as usually) But then it start to extract som files

    - Performing first time setup installing microsoft .NET framework (step 1 of 2)

    And after that it just closes down and when i try to start it, it do the same thing over and over again... :(

    i have tried like 8 times now and its always the same, i would appriciete (spelling?) some help! :)
  2. Evilledz Green Slime

    I have exactly the same problem. I've tried reinstalling everything but it still doesn't work =/
  3. tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    Try opening it from the source (steamapps)
  4. Evilledz Green Slime

    Sorry, how do you do that?
  5. Heimo Green Slime

    for me it says "to run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET framwork: v4.0.30319
  6. Evilledz Green Slime

    For me it says (when I click play): 'Do you want this program to make changes to this computer?'
    When I click 'yes' It says: Installing Microsoft.NET Framework (step 1 of 2)
    It gets about a tenth of the way through the installation and says: 'Preparing to install' and then disappears. Then when I click on play again it does the whole thing again.
  7. tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    Try updating your .NET framework
  8. tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    Do you have a windows vista/7? Sometimes if you don't run files as an administrator these sort of problems can happen.
  9. Evilledz Green Slime

    I run Windows 7. Not sure if I'm an administrator =/
  10. tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    Right click the terraria.exe inside your steam folder and choose the option "Run as administrator"
  11. Evilledz Green Slime

    Okay, I've tried that and it says I have to get a specific type of .NET Framework
  12. tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    Then you might want to try updating you're .NET framework as well.
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  13. tdbnasc3 Green Slime

  14. Evilledz Green Slime

    Ok, I tried that and it says that 'Installation did not succeed.' It did the exact same thing as when I tried to play Terraria through steam.

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