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  1. Chaotim

    Chaotim Green Slime

    I am rather new to terraria, I got rather build up by myself and was able to get to a dungeon i got killed by the dungeon guardian and now cant get my gear without beating skelitron, someone please help me recover my gear i haven't playe online yet so this is a good opportunity to try....

    iin a nutshell i need someone to help me beat skelitron so i may get my gear, gotta do it soon please help...

    if you are willing to help please tell me exactly how to set up my game so people may enter and help. I am also worried tho if i exit game to set up multiplayer my stuff will dissappear. ?????????????\

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  2. KLouD KoNNeCteD

    KLouD KoNNeCteD Crimera

    I'll help if you still need it.

    EDIT: Just realized you don't know how to set up multiplayer. Sorry I don't know anything about that either. If you figure it out I'll join and help.
  3. Chaotim

    Chaotim Green Slime

    k let me look into it further before i start multiplayer

    nope i thik if i quit they are gone :( unless i can launch multiplayer without quiting looks like i got my work out for me...

    fml this is annoying but yeah as soon as i fix this issue if your willig to play with me add me on here and ill send ya an invite when i can

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