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Discussion in 'PC' started by gayoso, May 17, 2011.

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  1. gayoso

    gayoso Green Slime

    Hey, so I just bought the game and I was trying to put up a server to play with a friend, but when I try to join (or my friend tries to) I get that "no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" and a bunch of other stuff I don't understand (if it's needed I'll post it).
    I don't know anything on the subject, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. gayoso

    gayoso Green Slime

    bump for help?
  3. Nekoyasha

    Nekoyasha Green Slime

    port forward.
  4. Nodlercs

    Nodlercs Squirrel

    Step 1. Download Hamachi
    Step 2. Make a Hamachi Network and tell your friend to join it
    Step 3. Open up Terraria, select multiplayer, select start server, and create a server if you already havent. (Password is optional) It should say that you are waiting for clients.
    Step 4. Open up ANOTHER Terraria, do not exit out of 1st one, select multiplayer, select join game, and than it should tell you to enter your IP code or w/e. Go to your Hamachi, look at the top left corner where the blue border is and copy that into the IP code textbox. It should look like 5.***.***.**
    Step 5. Enter and Enjoy!

    Step 6. For your friend to join he has to copy the same IP code you did for yourself and put it into the textbox. He doesnt need to do step 3, all he has to do is join.

    Hope this helps, if it doesn't just msg me.
  5. gayoso

    gayoso Green Slime

    Thanks a lot! It worked! Now I'm able to play on the server without a problem, but we've run into another bump that is not letting us play, when my friend tries to join my server, his game carshes (it just closes itself). I told him to manually install .NET, but nothing changed, and right now he is uninstalling the game to reinstall it and see if that fixes anything. But in case it doesn't (and for some reasons I don't have high hopes), what could the problem be, and how could we fix it?
    Thanks again for the help so far, especially for explaining it step by step, I'd never used Hamachi before.
  6. Nodlercs

    Nodlercs Squirrel

    Well your welcome gayoso. Did I mention that he has to join your Hamachi server also to be able to join? If he is in your Hamachi and he's still unable to join, than I have no idea at all. I'm not what you call an expert at this kind of stuff. But remember, Google is your friend. Use this to your advantage my friend.
  7. gayoso

    gayoso Green Slime

    Actually this one was on me, right after I made the second post I checked the list you had written, and realized I hadn't told him to join my network haha. He joined it and it worked, and we've been playing a lot since that, we are about to face the Eye Of Cthulu :D
    Thanks a lot for your help, you deserve a medal imo
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