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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by TheManChill, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. TheManChill

    TheManChill Green Slime

    I need some help the destroyer, I have summed him over 20 times and I am not even kidding. I really need some help and I am all the way up to the point until I need to kill the new bosses for items so I got pretty good items.


  2. Chaos101

    Chaos101 Green Slime

    We still need more people :)
  3. TheManChill

    TheManChill Green Slime

    We have killed all the bosses and the destroyer over 15 times :D
  4. TheManChill

    TheManChill Green Slime

    Who every was on the server and were building the candy land, tell me if I should continue the server.
  5. Chaos101

    Chaos101 Green Slime

    You should continue it, it was awesome.
  6. TheManChill

    TheManChill Green Slime

    I am with all of the old people, if you played add me on steam witch is TheManChill
  7. spichopat

    spichopat Green Slime

    Add me on steam I sent you invite.

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