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  1. (TCJN)Tootpirate Cursed Man

    I downloaded the Reborn mod, and all my mods wont work, always the failed to load, and I uninstalled the reborn mod, and still my mods dont work HELP!!! :I
  2. AStereo Green Slime

    Do you have version 0.23.7 of tConfig? To install the mod you need to click the install file, run it with administrator. Also you need to activate the mod inside the tConfig game. Check out a tutorial on my mod page for more info. :)
  3. AWaffleWiffer Slimed Zombie

    I tried reborn but i uninstalled cuz it broke my other mods
  4. General_Milky Pigron

    Reborn is an outdated, unbalanced mess that adds absolutely nothing significant except Capture the Flag. The bosses are hard in the worst way (it's a stat fest, no skill; because they are literally IMPOSSIBLE TO DODGE) and the items are just from Omnir's mod.

    You can do so much better. Look around these forums.
  5. AWaffleWiffer Slimed Zombie

    It is cool that reborn had an auto updater
  6. Surfpup Arapaima

    Every mod can be auto-updated directly through tConfig, if the mod creator supports the feature.
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  7. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

    Wait are there people who use the auto-updater except me?

    *from the things which W1K never got an answer*
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  8. MiraiMai Fire Imp

    All my mods do, and RussLeeIV uses it too :p

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