Hiring 2 People for Youtube Group! (DeadlyGaming)

Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by DeadlyGaming, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. DeadlyGaming

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    Hi, welcome to my thread! Thread is closed, so you shouldn't be here.
  2. sjkonvict

    sjkonvict Zombie


    Username (Doesn't have to be your Youtube Name):Real Name(Shahzad.Jehangir)YouTube Name(Sj Invicious)(222+Subs)

    Have you ever been in a group before?:Nope

    Why do you want to join this group?:I Wanna Join Because Im Looking For a Nice Adventure With Some Nice People!

    Skype:anokka007(But SAy Something Like Im From Terraria Fourms Or I Won't Accept Request)

    Do you have a Microphone y/n:Yep

    Timezone (Has to be around in Australia):
    GMT+5 (If You Dont UnderStand This Then I'll Make It Simple For You It 9Pm Here As Im Making This Post)
  3. ShinkuOokami2323

    ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    Age: 15

    Username: (Doesn't have to be your Youtube Name): What I'll be referred to in the videos? Just go ahead and call me my real name, Elijah.

    Have you ever been in a group before? No, though I have been apart of several different Terraria LPs, most of which fell through because the other guy got bored. I'll post some links at the end as references.

    Why do you want to join this group? I need a new group of gaming friends, and I've also always wanted to be a part of a gaming group like this.


    Do you have a Microphone y/n: Yes. I have two, actually, so if one breaks I've still got a backup.

    Timezone (Has to be around in Australia): I'm actually in Georgia, USA, but I'm one of those people who don't sleep a whole lot, and when they do it's at odd hours. For example, it's 7:15 right now, and I haven't even gone to sleep. Plus I'm homeschooled, so I've got a really flexible schedule. I'm also running about 30Mbps on average, so speed really isn't a problem on my end.

    References: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC5E203726466B0F3
    Please note that I was a bit younger in these videos, and that my voice has deepened significantly. Plus I've gone through alot during that time span so my overall personality is a bit different.

    Well, I hope I'm accepted. If the time difference is a problem, please be aware that I'm not above using a jar of instant coffee, and a bag of sugar to make an appointment with you guys at 3AM

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I'm really looking forward to hearing your reply,
  4. DeadlyGaming

    DeadlyGaming Cursed Man

    New Forum for Last Person!

    Username (doesn't hav to be ur youtube name):
    Age (Btwn 11-15):
    Do you have a mic? (required):
    Video Game Skills:
    Why do you want to join?
    Have you ever been in a group before?
    Do you have a capture card?
  5. DeadlyGaming

    DeadlyGaming Cursed Man

    Please note, that everybody will be referred as their real name, like I will say this "Hey guys! It's Gemz11 here also known as Johnathan." But you will be calling me John for short, but if you want a challenge call me Johnathan every single time you say my name, but I DO recommend you just call me John because, that is what I will be referred as, or I will say "Hey Guys! It's DeadlyGaming here and I am here with 'name' 'name' 'name' and 'name". I will rather say that though
  6. DeadlyGaming

    DeadlyGaming Cursed Man

    There, thers your edit :)
  7. MerchantDrake

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    I'm too old to join ;-;
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  8. DeadlyGaming

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    accepted and I added u

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