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    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Hi all , Yoraiz0r here , Posting in rage since I actually wrote this thread fully and then the house had an electricity blackout and TO didn't keep a backup.........took a damn 30 mins of my life -.-;


    HOLO THE EVERYTHING. (multiplayer compatbile , at least the tiles ascendant core)

    introducing a mod that adds a lot of tile utlitiies and blah blah blah no time to explain (need to go to fuckin' sleep)

    -holocrystal pumps , 1x1 in size , can be placed anywhere , if you right click them they swap between 'inlet' and 'outlet' mode , inlet is default , pass a wire through them and trip it to make them act like normal pumps.

    -holocrystal minilamp , 1x1 in size , can be placed anywhere , emits a strong level of light capable of brightening a whole room's worth of underground area , have fun with it

    -holocry panels , placed like glass tile , looks like glass filled with flouroscent , toggle with wire to make it emit light or not, it comes in multiple colors

    1x2 in size ,comes in 5 tiers , each tier has 5 states ,and is named 'holodiode mk-number-' , each is colored differently

    with 60 frames per second , i will write the delay and how it works
    there's a thing called 'jump' , its the amount of frames per 'state' you are at , highest point on tile being state 1 and lowest point being state 5 (when the point is lowest , your tile is at highest state)

    mk1 is yellow , capable of setting delays of 1 frame per state (1 to 5 frames , or 1/60 of a second to 1/12 of a second)

    mk2 is orange , delays of 10 frames per state , 1/6 of a second to 5/6 of a second

    mk3 is red , delays of 60 frames per state , 1 second to 5 seconds

    mk4 is purple , delays of 600 frames per state , 10 seconds to 50 seconds

    mk5 is blue , delays of 3600 frames per state , 1 minute to 5 minutes

    if you trip 1 side of the diode the other can't be tripped in the same time , preventing the infinite loop this can cause.
    trip the lower part to start a delay , after the delay is done it will start a tripping on the top part of the diode.
    This should be used with holowires(available in my sig) as the latter provides great ease of use.

    the mod also includes an old version of the diodes i made , the burst diode , you can use it and it works but is less better then the other ones , it only has 3 states and its 0.25 seconds , 0.5 seconds , or 0.75 seconds states (15 , 30 , 45 frames)

    I don't recommend looping mk1 or mk2 diodes since it syncs the tile on multiplayer , which might give lags to servers with crappy internet.
    bleh (open)
    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck this thread is not going well and i am angry and pressured and blah balastgasgijnairmqwaiepleasedontinfractionateme

    -ascendant core : this is an accessory that when equipped gives you class active abilities
    pressing Q will spawn an ascendant sphere where your mouse is after 1 second , appearing in an explosion and damaging enemies in a close area , afterwards the sphere remains in the map but is stationary.
    pressing R hurls all the (holo)spheres at your mouse's position for 2 seconds without re-aiming , they explode afterwards dealing the same kind of explosion they did when they appeared , they disappear after the explosion.
    pressing X will explode a sphere close to your mouse , the explosion will be in a cross shape and damage enemies close to it.
    pressing V will hurl all the near spheres to the player towards the mouse position in relativity to the player , the spheres will damage things in their path and will not explode after moving.
    (inspiration from Syndra , League of Legends)

    -composite longbow , this item is just a bow that fires 2 arrows with a miss chance (shotgun code but the item uses arrows =\ )

    -mummy wraps (thanks to phlebas for sprites) this item shoots out 3 mummy wraps when you use it , if they tackle anything they send you to it (inspirating from Amumu , Leage of Legends)

    I really am too pissed off to write anything else after the PRETTY version of this thread was wiped in the blackout (if you missed it see the 1st fucking line in the post) , so I am uploading my junk folder here too , it has some awesome stuff and I highly recommend looking at some things....

    YYY Bonfire Syndrome (revolutionary , Tim Hjersted / Kingicarus /Surfpup , if you guys see this please explain to people how to use it from what I told you in the past , i dont have the time to explain it now T.T)
    YYY LOCKON (middle click and hf)
    YYY Minimap (spawn the item and use it.)
    YYY Village (With YYY QUEST BOARD or else you might crash , spawns a beautiful village made with ascii premade house designs)
    YYY QUESTS (the engine , i remember having an easy-fix issue in multiplayer regarding npcloot but fuck that for now , you can get a quest from the QUEST BOARD)
    quest exampled (open)


    ZZZ DRAGON PET (adorable and unfinished pet T.T)
    ZZZ FIGHTER (shoot at it with vanilla gun items , its awesome)
    YYY Satchels (We heard you like items , so we put some items in your items , so you can browse your inventory while you browse your inventory)
    ZZZZ SUPERDONE (an unfinished boss that is awesome)
    YYY SAO HEALTH BAR - awesomeness.
    ZZZ World Self Stack - awesome code that makes items in the world stack onto each other if they're of the same type (no longer tons of stone items in the fuckin' mine)
    IF YOU PLAN TO USE ANY OF THIS STUFF AS IS PLEASE SEND ME A PM BUT I GRANT YOU ALL PERMISSION TO DO SO IF YOU CREDIT ME................................................. *hufff , huff huff crazy fast writing*

    also sorry for the lack of proper credits , really really guys , uhm
    random credits to...................kjulo phlebas eikester zero-exodus omnir and whoever else who gave me sprites for this shit here. codes are MIIIIINEH @~@

    god , there , downloads.
    and random conversation that leads on an interesting npc idea (open)

    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: fuck
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: fuck
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: fuckity fuck fuck
    23:54 - Shockah: ?
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: fuck
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: fuck
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: fuck
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: -.-;
    23:54 - Shockah: what?
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: I was writing my last thread for 30 minutes
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: was like 1 minute away from hitting 'create thread'
    23:54 - Shockah: blackout?
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: electricity fell down
    23:54 - Shockah: heh, thought so
    23:54 - Yoraiz0r: and to make things worse
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: TO does have a backup system
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: but it got corrupted
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: -.-;
    23:55 - Shockah: lol
    23:55 - Shockah: great timing, eh?
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: and i don't want to write the shit again
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: i really don't
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: i dont have the time or the nerves
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: my mom and brother decided to be jerks right before the fucking time
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: "do this"
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: "do that"
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: "come on"
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: "do it"
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: FUCK SAKE LEAVE ME ALONE
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: ARGH
    23:55 - Yoraiz0r: and its my brother's fault
    23:56 - Yoraiz0r: i already took a shower and he thought i didnt
    23:56 - Yoraiz0r: so he tried turning on the heater
    23:56 - Yoraiz0r: which blackouts the house sometimes
    23:56 - Yoraiz0r: WITHOUT TELLING ME
    23:56 - Yoraiz0r: -.-
    23:56 - Yoraiz0r: 23:56 - kingicarus: Tconfig updated yet?
    23:56 - Yoraiz0r: kingaicarus , im so pissed off right now you dont want to talk to me.
    23:57 - Shockah: lol
    23:57 - Shockah: trust me, i feel the same right now
    23:57 - Shockah: so many things i have to do today
    23:57 - Shockah: and no fucking time
    23:57 - Yoraiz0r: its not that
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: you might have another day to do stuff
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: i dont even have that fucking time
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: everything is fucked up.
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: god
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: i really dont want to sulk
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: i really dont want to write the thread
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: i think the tension of this 3 years recruitment shit is getting to me
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: suicidal intents increasing
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: -_-;
    23:58 - Shockah: just release it like that
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: and 2 minutes till its not today
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: so im gonna upload the shit for you
    23:58 - Yoraiz0r: and then ill upload it in a thread
    23:59 - Shockah: lol
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: -.-
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: i dont care to get an infraction right now
    23:59 - Shockah: i don't really mind waiting for it
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: I DO
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: I SAID TODAY SO TODAY
    23:59 - Shockah: as i won't even have time to check it
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: fuck 1 min
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r:
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: there
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: did it in time
    23:59 - Yoraiz0r: dont uplaod or talk about the shit till i post it.
    יום רביעי 31 אוקטובר 2012
    00:00 - Shockah: meh, told you
    00:00 - Shockah: no time to even check it
    00:00 - Yoraiz0r: fine , have fun with it
    00:00 - Yoraiz0r: whatever
    00:00 - Yoraiz0r: -rage-
    00:00 - Shockah: lol
    00:00 - Yoraiz0r: seriously
    00:00 - Yoraiz0r: couldnt have fucking worse luck right now
    00:00 - Yoraiz0r: and i dont even care if merphy is watching
    00:00 - Yoraiz0r: -.-
    00:00 - Shockah: gotta make a Yoraiz0r NPC after you leave
    00:01 - Shockah: with timer until army
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: which does what?
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: lol
    00:01 - Shockah: and one day before the army
    00:01 - Shockah: it starts raging
    00:01 - Shockah: XDDD
    00:01 - Shockah: just kidding
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: do that and ill give you kudos
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: no
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: seriosuly
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: do that
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: there are sprites i made
    00:01 - Shockah: i can't sprite
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: here
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r:
    00:01 - Shockah: lol
    00:01 - Shockah: okay
    00:01 - Shockah: XDDD
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: its animated to be floating and has a glowing energy hand
    00:01 - Yoraiz0r: its sprited after me
    00:02 - Yoraiz0r: bleh
    00:02 - Yoraiz0r: BACK TO POSTING THAT STUPID $!@$#!@# thread
    00:09 - Shockah: write it in notepad, save every minute :p
    00:09 - Yoraiz0r: fu


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  2. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Goodbye Yorai. Thanks for your contributions.
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  3. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    thanks , please like , comment about the stuff you liked in here , T.T; I dun wanna die....
  4. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    Unleashing all of your work to the community before you leave - awesome.

    The Bonfire Syndrome mod is based on some concepts from the game Dark Souls - the Estus Flask is the only healing item (potions disabled) and it restores when you use a Bonfire (right click on a tile). Also, permanent mob points can be created, where mobs will respawn when a Bonfire is used. Adventure map creators could create custom spawn points for their map, instead of using the randomized spawning that Terraria normally has.
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  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    updated thread with more screenshots regarding holowires+diodes and quests...... yay dialogs.
  6. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Yay for Holowires + Holodiodes! Now I just need to finish my Note Blocks mod and people will be able to make cool songs with them ;D. Already got the first part of Still Alive (up to "but there's no sense crying...") working.
    Holodiodes ftw!
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  7. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Well, I'm going to miss you Yorai.

    You really went out with a bang. :)
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  8. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    You've done well young one, now, farewell. May our paths cross again in this crazy mixed up world. And never forget that... I love you.
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  9. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Goodbye Yoraiz0r. I hope to see you again sometime in the future after you're done with the military, but until then, so long, and thanks for all the mods!
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  10. Bobrocket


    good luck, yorai
    stay safe and come back soon
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  11. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    The one day I decide to take a break is the day one of my favourite mod creators leave? D:
    Goodbye, you shall be missed. :<
    Sorry for being late to the "party". :<
  12. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    BOOM im back for the weekend xD -no mod making for me though-
  13. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Make me a epik mod wit new monstrs n stuf.
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  14. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    I don't see the bonfire syndrome anywhere in the source.
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  15. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    YYY Bonfire Syndrome is the name...
  16. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Still don't see it in any of the archives you have for download.
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  17. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    TRUE! X_X; reuploaded , has it in right now.
  18. Lennon

    Lennon Pixie

    I'm sure you'll come back happy to be here and not dead.
    Also I am unable to open the file... It would be quite a shame if no one could use your last mod until you get back.
  19. dookie4455

    dookie4455 Yellow Slime

    Does the "simple RPG" mod actually do anything? or is it completely useless? Anyways, great stuff yor, you certainly proved to be one of the best on these forums. Good luck in the military, and may you come back safely :)
  20. Yorai.... I don't know what to say bout you leaving... All of your mods have impressed me beyond belief and your ability with code in general is insane. Best of luck to you in the military, may you come home safe :D

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