Holy Arrows or Cursed Arrows?

Discussion in 'PC' started by R-zel, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. R-zel Squirrel

    I'm trying to decide which to use. Holy Arrows call down falling stars on impact, but Cursed Arrows deal more damaged and can burn the opponent. Which one have you guys had more success with?
  2. Wired Floaty Gross

    Holy, the stars go throught multiple targets, but not as much dmage!! But cursed do ALOT more damage per Hit! A matter of preference I think! Holy for multiple targets and destroyer, Cursed for single target!
  3. TheWolfie Green Slime

    i say cursed becouse they do alot more dmg and are easyer to make
  4. Wired Floaty Gross

    Holy: Stars can hit multiple targets mutiple times, But do less single damage,
    Cursed: Do more damage, but can only hit one target once!
    Hard to pick isn't it!

    Holy are idele for bosses!
    Cursed for most other things!
  5. R-zel Squirrel

    Ok, thanks for your help!
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