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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    Man, there is a lot going on here...


    I think I'd like to keep you guys guessing, but I will share one thing. You can now directly use items that are being held with your mouse (instead of always dropping it.) This also enables you to place items without putting them on your hotbar first.
  2. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    OH MY GOD, another teaser, this is amazing!
  3. Oh jeez another teaser! Dammit red!
  4. starcannon

    starcannon Green Slime

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  5. Mario Dan

    Mario Dan Green Slime

    Yeih, more trolling. lol
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  6. Sn3ky

    Sn3ky Slimed Zombie

    (speechless so mind is talking) OMG OMG OMG All of this awesome stuff!!! OMG OMG (mind exploded into oblivion)
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  7. KKOrange

    KKOrange Green Slime

    Wow, those items look awesome...
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  8. Nicewarmsoup

    Nicewarmsoup Cursed Man

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  9. Penjuin3

    Penjuin3 Green Slime

    Awesomeness. I wonder what the red armour is? :D
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  10. Anyone notice the boots in the accessories?
  11. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    spits out soda




    a moblin staff (forgot the real name)
    a nuke looking thing
    a hammer/ax maybe a mythel hamaxe O-o
    a new flail? ohh thats cool it just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?
    holywater? maybe its good on zombies and stuff XD
    a new armor (red so i got no idea how it would bemade)
    new hermes boots or new sprite
    a scale of somesort (if its a zelda like it will be swiming related)
    a soobamask propley breathing underwater
    new combat sheld or new spirte
    ohh and a new background

    this is olny a little peek and i can tell its the best update EVA
  12. DarkDeadDeath96

    DarkDeadDeath96 Green Slime

    Holy Mother Of Shizzle
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  13. newxo

    newxo Squirrel

    wow!!! so many new items
  14. Catlover341

    Catlover341 Green Slime

    Oh my word, I saw this thread without any posts.
    Anyway, amazing. SO MUCH STUFF IN ONE PICTURE. I can't speculate with all this stuff!
  15. N1NJ4C47

    N1NJ4C47 Green Slime

    *Blacks out*..... *faints*................ *dies* x.x
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  16. DJRegs

    DJRegs Giant Worm

    So attacking corruption with holy water makes it........Anti-corruption?
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  17. Axel9470

    Axel9470 Green Slime

    lots of new items or just alot of new texture?

    anyways its awsome!
  18. godofwar8833

    godofwar8833 Green Slime

    the flail looks like something from black and white's texture pack. and why is that bottoled thing purple and OMG a SAW!!!!
  19. Science

    Science Green Slime

    Why does the new armour look like a lobster?... I love it.
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  20. Kewlan

    Kewlan Demon Eye

    OH EHM GEE!!! This is awesome, a third armor too!
  21. Kjulo

    Kjulo World Feeder

    cant wait

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