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  1. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    With all the changes to the world in the last two patches I'm sure many of us are ready to move our "home" to an up-to-date world. This is targeted towards end-game players who just want a comfortable base to farm from and a fresh world to search for new items in.

    This world a medium world that is untouched save for building the base and killing skeletron to spawn the clothier. All chests remain unlooted and hell is still hellish.

    • Above ground base with NPC rooms that discourage wandering. (Read: Stop it with the doors already!)
    • Protected spawn-point for guests with lava traps to discourage goblin and zombie invasions.
    • Herb farm.
    • Enclosed glowing mushroom farm.
    • Corrupt mushroom farm.
    • Cactus farm.
    • Obsidian generator.
    • Protected demon altar access.
    • Hellevator with safe water landing, bed, and crafting area.
    • Dungeon shelter with bed.
    • Many chests, some with contents. (No equipment, lots of building supplies and raw materials.)
    Note: While none of the drops on this map will kill you it is assumed that you have some means of jumping higher than the starting jump height. If you do not you will need to add more platforms.


    The main base. Customized NPC rooms, full crafting station (stand near the water column to craft bottled water), and many storage chests. The roof is a greenhouse with all the new herbs and a self-sustaining tree farm on top.

    Detail of the greenhouse. Top row is decorative, the chests on the herb rows contain the herbs and seeds for the closest herb type.

    Jump carefully up the lantern path at the front of the base and you will reach the obsidian farm. The water is self-sustaining, but you'll have to refill the lava yourself.

    The original spawn point has been made into a lava trap, allowing you to handle blood moons and goblin armies with ease. Simply mine out the four bricks covering the lava by the doors and deal with those pesky teleporting casters. Notice the double doors, all the "above ground" doors are one-way doors that enemy creatures cannot open. Simply face your character in the direction you want the door to open (namely out) and prove your superiority to the mindless undead.

    Down below we have the first of the farms, this one for corrupted mushrooms and the odd eater that spawns here.

    Cactus farm. Haven't seen monsters here but I wouldn't rule it out. This was the last room added so I haven't had a chance to see much. If you do not want monsters spawning then feel free to add background tiles - terrarian cacti apparently grow just fine without light. The passage you see below the farm leads a short ways off to the local demon altar.

    And last we have the glowing mushroom farm and the start of the hellevator. Not much to say about this one! The hellevator does have a water pool at the bottom for those that prefer spelunking without their handy lucky horseshoe.

    Enjoy! I created this mainly for my own use but decided to share with the community. The file is attached, simply unzip it and add the home and home backup files to your terraria folder. Please post if you find something that needs fixed!

    Note: There are two zip files for two different versions of the map. The first has items in some of the chests, the second has no items except for a stack each of the basic building materials used in this base so that you can add on as you like.

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  2. stickyex

    stickyex Green Slime

    Awesome map!

    Would it be possible for you to shift your entire base to a small world?

    I find that it takes longer to load than a small world and going to the ends of the oceans for the shark/harpy farm is not really feasible.
  3. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    I don't use a map editor so I'm afraid not. Hand building this for the second time is more than I can take! Glad you like it though, here's hoping for a way to copy structures in the future that's native to the game.
  4. Asgard

    Asgard Green Slime

    Awesome! I'm gonna try it out! ^^
  5. 6ofHeartz

    6ofHeartz Green Slime

    got a farm its really awesome and i wouldnt dare hate on it but have you got a farm for plants?
  6. stickyex

    stickyex Green Slime

    I really want to use your world!
  7. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    I assume you mean the new plants? Check the first picture, there's a good sized farm at the top of the base.
  8. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    Added a version with no items for people who want to set up their own storage system. All chests but the first one as you walk in are empty, the first chest contains one stack of each of the major building materials for any small changes you might wish to make.
  9. Massas8967

    Massas8967 Green Slime

    Wow amazing. Thank you so much, there was not much else to do. i will however use this for my new character, but only because ive beaten the game so many times!
  10. Battlebente

    Battlebente Yellow Slime

    Wow, well done i'd say. A nice template for anyone who's about to build his/her own farming spots.
  11. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    Thanks :) I considered adding a regular mushroom farm but I've never found those to be particularly worthwhile, especially on the scale I build.
  12. John_Jtown

    John_Jtown Demon Eye

    Yep I'm totally going to use this as my new home base! It's awesome
  13. Molten epicocity

    Molten epicocity Green Slime

    What map size is this cause i was hoping to find floating island :3
  14. Molten epicocity

    Molten epicocity Green Slime

    Btw this is very awesome cause i sold the ores,gems,obsidion, etc.
    and got 2 platinum xD
  15. Building Inspector

    Building Inspector Cursed Man

    This is amazing!!

    How many hours from start to finish did it take?
    Was it all done "by hand"? (no editor)

    Thanks for sharing...It's brilliant.
  16. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    It is a medium map.

    I spent an evening and part of the next day working on this. I used a warehouse of building supplies someone had created, but all the blocks and items were laid in by hand. I am very sick of knocking out background wall! I'm glad you like it :)
  17. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    Bit of an extra picture, this is the bottom end of the hellevator.

  18. Swammy

    Swammy Green Slime

    Kudos on the map. I'm digging it, and am totally going to keep a copy on my laptop for quick farming. Thanks for sharing all your hard work!!
  19. ToTeMVG

    ToTeMVG Eskimo Zombie

    this is awesome and now my inventory is full
  20. Boarden

    Boarden Demon Eye

    Awesome map . Love it

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