how do i ever get farther in this game??

Discussion in 'PC' started by shirgadirth, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. shirgadirth Green Slime

    how do i ever get farther in this game when every time i get to a decent point i get blown up by random traps that auto delete everything i have on me??? i just finally got gold armor and a bunch of accessories like these really nice flippers with 4 defense and decent weapons and was just about to summon an eye of cthulhu for the first time when out of nowere i get blown up on my way out of the cave deleting every single thing id been trying to get for the past 10 hours... i really want to fricking like this game but this is the 3rd time this has happened!!! i can never get anything done and i can never get a server to work no matter how many guide videos or threads i read so my friends who have already gotten really far cant even help me...
  2. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    I guess it's not really your talent then. go play something else.
  3. shirgadirth Green Slime

    unavoidably having my inventory deleted has nothing to do with talent go troll somewhere else
  4. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Is your character medium core?
  5. shirgadirth Green Slime

    yes but thats not what im mad about im mad about the fact explosive traps make it so i cant pick my items up when i set them off because i dont even know what they look like
  6. kirabook Ex-Min

    If you're playing with a mediumcore character, you drop all your items upon death. Hardcore, your entire character is deleted. Softcore, you only lose money upon death.
  7. shirgadirth Green Slime

    i know but im suppose to be able to go back and pick up my items when i die... explosive traps delete my whole inventory permanently
  8. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Change to softcore, and also explosive traps are very rare, so you'll probably never happen upon another one.
  9. shirgadirth Green Slime

    is there a way to do that without making a new char?
  10. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    There's nothing you can do about the explosive traps except try to watch out for any switches.
  11. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    It's possible, but I've no idea how to do it, try entering it in a search.
  12. shirgadirth Green Slime

    well do you know how to get multiplayer to work? ive done everything guides say to do and i really dont wanna have to download hamatchi.
  13. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Having trouble connecting to your server or someone else's?
  14. shirgadirth Green Slime

    i can get onto the server the game makes for me but when my friend tries to connect it never gets past connecting. same thing when i try to connect to his
  15. AllanWidner Cursed Man

    I play in easy so I only lose half of whatever coins I have - playing medium-core is a pain unless you are really good at it to begin with. (I'm not, and my worlds are littered with my tombstones...)

    Other than that - never go anyplace without light, proceed very carefully, and keep a very sharp eye out for pressure plates? They are visible, if you are watching for them. Also, if you have picked up a pressure plate from a trap (with a hammer or by using the pick on a block under it), you can put it on your hotbar and when it's active it will show wiring as red lines - the trap will be at one end of the red line, the trigger will be at the other.

    I can't help with multi-player - my nephew might be helping me with a multi-player server, but I'll probably beat the boss I'm having trouble with without his help before I get together with him.

    As for folks saying "go play something else" - Just for kicks I made a fresh character on a fresh map, wanted that "new to the game" feeling again. I got that toon from zero to best everything pre-hard-mode in a fraction the time, with far fewer deaths, than the first time I ever played. Just because they're so good they beat Skeletron Prime in copper gear on their first attempt doesn't mean everybody's going to do well right out of the box.
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  16. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

    Use TerrariViewer yo. It should be able to change your character from a mode to another or change pretty much everything on your character.
    Also you need to portforward the port your server uses if you want to host one, you can still freely connect to any portforwarded servers with no restriction. Hamachi is just needed to connect to not portforwarded servers as long as the server is using hamachi too.
  17. shirgadirth Green Slime

    did everything portforward and the guide i read told me to do though :/
  18. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    Do you have modem and router combined?
  19. shirgadirth Green Slime

    i have both but they are seperate
  20. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    And your sure you port forwarded?

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