how do i find out my ip?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Sir Isaac, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Sir Isaac

    Sir Isaac Green Slime

    as the title says. im trying to host a server for me and my friend and want to know how to find out my ip:) thx in advance
  2. Caretaker

    Caretaker Demon Eye

  3. Sir Isaac

    Sir Isaac Green Slime

    thx. didnt know that worked
  4. Mister Magical

    Mister Magical Green Slime

    If you don't know how to find your IP then most likely you don't know how to host a server.
  5. Sir Isaac

    Sir Isaac Green Slime

    is there more required?
  6. RedVenom

    RedVenom Squirrel

  7. InFiniFuZion

    InFiniFuZion Green Slime

    u mite wanna use hamachi
    its easier to use hamachi but there r more problems with hamachi
    if u dont use hamachi, the most likely problem is that ur portforward wont work properly
  8. RedVenom

    RedVenom Squirrel

    well their are pro's and cons to each when i port forwarded i got spammed with random IP's trying to connect hamachi doesn't do that.

    If your stubborn and fixated on making it without use this guide:
    ^ without hamachi

    if you do it without hamachi and running it on a laptop where you can't make a static IP then use something like dyndns so no matter how many times it gives you an IP it won't matter

    If you do decide to do it the hamachi way follow this guide:
    ^ with hamachi
  9. 123456

    123456 Green Slime

    If you want to find your network IP address,then visit you can see your IP address,ISP,country,Latitude,Longitude,IPv4 dotted binary notation,Octal notation,Decinal notation,Hexadecimal notation.
  10. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth


    Also, he got his answer already...
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