How do i get gold quickly?

Discussion in 'PC' started by twosai, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. twosai

    twosai Green Slime

    Im saving up for a minishark, and right now i got 27 gold. Could someone tell me a good way how to get much money quick without cheating or trading stuff?
  2. Frosty94

    Frosty94 Zombie

    Fight bosses and sell the loot, search for chests and sell the loot, kill meteor heads...
  3. Fearme37

    Fearme37 Green Slime

    sell all that you dont need. then fight bosses or somethin like that.
  4. ThatDutchIdiot

    ThatDutchIdiot Green Slime

    Go to the dungeon with a Muramasa. Stand in a corner with a small roof on your head, ductape your left mouse button down and leave the computer for a night. I'd bet you have a million gold next day! XD

    Or make one of those mobtraps with lava, but I have no clue how to make those. They seem to be handy too
  5. Tommyx42

    Tommyx42 Cursed Skull

    Fight the bosses and sell the loot :)
  6. JayceJa

    JayceJa Blazing Wheel

    the quickest and easiest is to make a lava trap and use the minimize glitch that makes terraria run at 10-15 times speed while minimized

    make a closed room with lava on the top, mobs walk into lava and die, if your room isnt too big, the money they drop will fly through the roof and to you
    then play in windowed mode and turn off frame skip, minimize terraria by clicking its box on the task bar(the minimize button wont work), it will then play in the background at an incredibly fast rate
  7. Kurohagane

    Kurohagane Lava Slime

    is it not obvious he is not end game yet?
  8. Luca

    Luca Green Slime

    If you have to cheat, just go the easiest way: use any kind of inventory editor and add the gold you need.
  9. ravenheim

    ravenheim Green Slime

    I bought Minishark today, after i got molten armor and that kind of stuff. If you got a quick way to underworld (under 2 minutes), you can go there with dynamite and kill bone serpents and fire imps. I got around 10 gold in 5 minutes :)

    But if not, you could try to get a phaseblade, clear the underground jungle, make the grass thing thats like a enchanted boomerang or flamarang, and kill Skeletron with it. Then you can clear the dungeon and get some cool items and either sell them, or use them.
  10. JayceJa

    JayceJa Blazing Wheel

    so its okay to make a mob trap and leave it overnight? but using a glitch to simply make it a faster process is cheating? if so, i dont care what you think cheating is, because it is just plain double standards. You are putting in the same amount of effort, the only effort both methods require is making the trap itself and leaving it there

    and if you dont like mob traps at all as a method of farming, thats for you to decide, i provided the fastest legitimate option which is what he asked for
  11. Kurohagane

    Kurohagane Lava Slime

    Mob traps are okay. Glitches still count.
  12. Luca

    Luca Green Slime

    The trap is what people call "clever use of game mechanics". The glitch is a bug. They're totally different. Mobs don't have an intelligence and will always try to reach you, even if you're mass-killing them with a Sunfury. So the lava-trap is just a clever way to kill them faster using the game mechanics.

    In any case, I don't see the point of leaving your PC switched on for the entire night when you can simply use a inventory editor and add the gold in few seconds. You spend less time and save some energy (that's always good for the environment). You're taking it personal but I wasn't judging anyone. I just said that instead of spending a night to do something, do it better in few seconds. In any case that's a cheat, so who cares.

    Small note: the lava trap is 100% safe if you set it on the surface. A trap like the one you see in the animated screenshot CAN be risky, because if a serpent/worm/whatever spawns and you're not properly geared... you can get killed.
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