How do I make gold coins?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Wozza123, May 22, 2011.

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  1. Wozza123

    Wozza123 Green Slime

    I want to buy the miner's helmet but I need gold coins. I have plenty of gold - 11 bars - and I've made all the gold weapons but don't get the option to make gold coins. Am I missing something obvious?

  2. Mister Magical

    Mister Magical Green Slime

    You don't MAKE gold coins or any coins. You get coins from monsters and pots. 100 copper=1 silver, 100 silver=1 gold, and 100 gold=1 platinum
  3. Wozza123

    Wozza123 Green Slime

    Well I seem to be able to make copper coins from copper. I just made several hundred, but I can only make one silver coin from 100 copper coins. Silver bars don't seem to do it. So it goes round in circles.
  4. Wozza123

    Wozza123 Green Slime

    I thought the miner's helmet would be easy to get.
  5. Crauss

    Crauss Squirrel

    You can't make copper coins from copper but you can make 100 copper coins from a silver coin...
    Try selling stuff instead, I would recommend mining lots of sand and making bottles and then selling them.
  6. slightlySU311ME

    slightlySU311ME Green Slime

    You aren't making the copper coins from your copper bars. Look at the "ingredients consumed" square for the copper coins, it isn't copper bars, it's silver coins. What is actually happening is that you are breaking down your silver coins into copper coins, this is an easy mistake so don't worry. Gold coins will be created automatically once you obtain more than 100 silver, as the silver coins will automatically convert into gold coins. There is no way to "make" gold coins out of gold bars, however, you can sell items to make more money which translates into more gold coins, good luck!
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