how do i run terraria without steam?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by soul4hdwn, May 24, 2011.

  1. soul4hdwn Cursed Man

    that is all i need/want, please.

    i haven't been able to run the terraria.exe from programs>steam>steamapps>common>terraria ever since the 1.02 version.

    not posting the formal information as this isn't a bug but asking for help.
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  2. DMiBY Green Slime

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  3. Infinitech Green Slime

    You don't. Unless you have a desktop shortcut.
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  4. soul4hdwn Cursed Man

    explain what the shortcut needs. if it is just the path to the exe, that isn't working. also like i said i don't want steam so steam/gameid= isn't wanted.
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  5. DMiBY Green Slime

    Look at my post dude I gave you a nice solution :)
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  6. Kolby Green Slime

    i double click the desktop shortcut and nuthin happens for a while ..then it sais "updating steam" then that closes, another thing pops up and wants me to sign in to my steam acount so i do and i wait...... a while later it sais"Could not connect to steam network. This could be do to your internet connection, or a problem with the steam network."
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  7. DMiBY Green Slime

    Did you allow Steam through your Firewall? If so is it set to Public? If you wanna check search 'Firewall' in the Windows search bar in the start menu. An option should come up called "Allow a program through Windows Firewall" and then look for Steam on the list and tick public next to it. If you are using an AV firewall check that...
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  8. Infinitech Green Slime

    The shortcut will only appear if you click the box that says "Create desktop shortcut" when first installing on steam. I misunderstood. There is no way to legally play terraria without buying it on your steam account, or getting it as a gift from a friend on steam. Sorry.
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  9. DMiBY Green Slime

    True. But there is a way to play a legally bought copy but without being on Steam. Refer to my post which is the second one on this thread.
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  10. soul4hdwn Cursed Man

    i have a legal copy of the game... i don't want a second program to get to the one i wanted. that means no steam and no third party thing.
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  11. Jone991 Green Slime

    Well there is bit problem for that couse there are many players who cant play games with steam couse it uses so much ram that the games wont work without lag.
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  12. DMiBY Green Slime

    If you have bought Terraria on Steam you can use a program to run it without Steam open. Look at my second post of this topic.

    I'm sorry to say this then... but you are being stubborn. The game cannot be played without Steam legally unless you use a third party program. No one is going to come here and say any different. I have gave you a healthy alternative, yet you are blind that it is the only alternative currently.
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  13. CrazylikE Tim

    Steam uses 0 cpu power and barely 10-15Mb of ram. No computer should have an issue having Steam in the background.
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  14. Bloq Green Slime

    @CrazylikE Well according to Task Manager it says Steam takes up 80k.
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  15. Sasheria Green Slime

    oh no! 80k! :)

    @soul Actually that is pretty small footprint. Steam did this on purpose so big memory/cpu hog game like Crysis can run without issue (well most without issue and yes, it is downloadable via steam) Now, the only other option I can think of is AFTER you purchase and ran it once with steam, you can quit and turn switch your steam to offline mode and then run your games (already verify and can run). I presume that you don't want steam to run cause you don't want "big brother" to monitor you?
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  16. Crashty Green Slime

    You can switch steam to offline mode after running it once.. :p
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  17. DMiBY Green Slime

    Does that reduce/remove the CPU usage or is that just so you're not online for whatever reason..?
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  18. Sasheria Green Slime

    I don't think Steam actually use that much CPU. It is VERY minimal unless you are downloading something (which auto pause when you start a steam game)
  19. soul4hdwn Cursed Man

    i don't mean to me snarky or something but i'm not like a few others who is concerned with memory footprints. it really is just that simple, i don't want other programs to get to the one i wanted.

    here is something intresting to prove either possibility or prove some people wrong that said steam is required. before the 1.02 update, i could launch the terraria.exe in the: my programs>steam>steamapps>common>terraria folder (which still exists). further and in current version, i can launch the game as normal by launching steam and clicking the play button or through the icon steam makes that launches both itself and the game at once (some path that looks like: steam/gameid?=[numbers] without the []), THEN kill steam through task manager and terraria is not bothered by the shutdown of steam.

    i'm very sure the resizer program that assists terraria is nice (i saw a tiny bit of how it works) but it is unnecessary for me. i am sorry for being difficult but i'm trying to be simple.
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  20. CrazylikE Tim

    Being simple in this case would mean letting Steam run because it does nothing but help run the game. Red and Blue chose to release their game on Steam and thats about it, thats how it is. Nothing you can do about it. There are probably more ways to skip Steam but why dont you go and google it? Go to Steam's forums and ask, cause it doesnt seem our help is helping you.
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