How do you make a Terraria server?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Nataru, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Nataru Green Slime

    My friend wanted me to start one. Wondering if anyone knows how >.>
  2. TechnoFreak Blazing Wheel

    Start a server, when it loads run another client and you can use your ip to login i think
  3. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    if im correct, you are correct
  4. Nataru Green Slime

    Okay thanks!
  5. conoreva Demon Eye

    can i join your server?
  6. Thraka Green Slime

    Is there no dedicated server software?? :(
  7. Nataru Green Slime

    Um... I do that and it says this:
  8. Nataru Green Slime

    Btw its only gonna be me and my friend (as of now)
  9. ReceptiveRaptor Green Slime

    Did you port forward to 31337? on UDP?
  10. Nataru Green Slime

    I'm also running this on a server separate from my computer but on the same network, the it said about the same thing when I ran it on my own computer and tried to log in. :(
  11. Nataru Green Slime

    I'm afraid I don't know what UDP is. I've only hosted one server before for MineCraft, and it wasn't very good. I'm afraid I'm kind of new to this.
  12. ReceptiveRaptor Green Slime

  13. Nataru Green Slime

    What do I enter for IP when I'm in the router? My own? (A.K.A. My server's)
  14. Thraka Green Slime

    You dont need to do routing when you're working on a LAN. Only for internet connections. You probably have a firewall on the computer (windows firewall or other) and you need to open port 31337 on UDP and woul do TCP just to be safe.
  15. Nataru Green Slime

    Anyway I did what the video said, named it Terraria, set it to 31337 - 31337, set it to Both, and entered the end of my ip (102) into the ip line. Still says the same thing. What is wrong with it?
  16. Nataru Green Slime

    Tried running it on the same computer with it port forwarded, added ports to my firewall, turned my firewall OFF, and it STILL doesn't work. I'm at a loss...
  17. Nataru Green Slime

    Apparently since I'd need another copy of Terraria on my server to run said server, I'll have to run it on my main computer. So... Anyone know how I can get it to work?
  18. nitebomber51 Green Slime

    i dont know what you insane people are going about what i do to run it is a programme which comes with terraria in the default directory for the game called "server start"

    run through everything with that then run the game and go to host and play then get your friend to join using your local IP address the it should work
  19. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    This thread was made the day of release.
    Great job, you revived it.
  20. Asgard Green Slime

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