How do YOU make money?

Discussion in 'PC' started by LD300, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. LD300

    LD300 Green Slime

    I'm curious as to what people do to make money. For me, I made a slime farm that gives me unlimited gel. Then I run to my tree farm and chop down all the trees and make torches, from torches to tiki torches. Then I just run along to my merchant and sell it all to him
  2. Freefall357

    Freefall357 Snatcher

    Spelunker Potions to find gems (mostly in the UG) and sell make a silly amount, and it is kinda fun to do.
  3. Kazooran

    Kazooran Demon Eye

    I kill bosses for money and also sell the drops
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  4. Strongo9

    Strongo9 Demon Eye

    I just find a multiplayer server that contains chests with unlimited stacks of 100 platinum coins in them.

    I know, I'm a cheater. -__-

    I don't like farming in RPGs.
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  5. Athena

    Athena Green Slime

    Make money? Just randomly explore caves and dungeons and kill enemies. I honestly believe this is the fastest way to earn money. Moreover, you can have quite a bit of fun by not standing around doing nothing.
  6. Lev

    Lev Green Slime

    Use my goldfish trap and bunny trap during a blood moon.
  7. Jerimis

    Jerimis Squirrel

    The fastest way to make money is not to die.
    Why? Because each time u loose 50% thats inside ur Inventory.
  8. Athena

    Athena Green Slime

    You can also use statues and wiring to speed it up. (And lava to kill them fast).
  9. ribaldron

    ribaldron Green Slime

    Technically, you're not "making" money by not dying, you're just POTENTIALLY keeping it.

    You can also return to the spot you died and pick up the coins you dropped... granted they didn't fall into lava, or another player didn't take them. :p In which case, the fastest way to make money would be to loot other players! And I'm going to laugh if that's been happening to you. :D
  10. Athena

    Athena Green Slime

    Well if it falls in lava, there is always the obsidian skin potion.
  11. Mephastus

    Mephastus Green Slime

    I just sell the 8 million (exaggerated, but still large amounts) Demon Scythes I seem to get while killing Demons in hell. Its absurd how many I've found since 1.1 hit. I get one every 6mins or so when I'm down there.
  12. SupaCat

    SupaCat Green Slime

    Money melts in lava doesn't it? I don't even think gold/plat coins are safe from lava.
  13. WolfMimir

    WolfMimir Cursed Skull

    i wait 2 weeks until my dad gives me money *trollface*
    but i dont really care about money in terraria anymore, got 10-12 plat that is enough for everything to buy ingame
  14. Athena

    Athena Green Slime

    Im sorry, but it takes alot of plat to actually reforge the statuses you want, takes time too. That is where I used >200 plat I saved up in 1.0.3 (Back when the frame skip still worked).
  15. WolfMimir

    WolfMimir Cursed Skull

    well i didnt even know u could reforge statues, and even if you can i dont really want to spend on it :p, i rather just find them on my world.
  16. Shizz0

    Shizz0 Green Slime

    I use an Obsidiangenerator.

    20 Obsidian = 1 Obsidian Skull = 54 Silver

    And mining 200 Obsidian just takes few min. and you get 5 Gold and 40 Silver
  17. ArmageddoN

    ArmageddoN Green Slime

    Gel: I made a slime farm so i can get Gel for my flamethrower
    Money: I made a mob farm. I just hold a water candle at night/day, and mobs come and fall in lava. I currently have 5 platinum and 43 gold in my chest :DDD
  18. ribaldron

    ribaldron Green Slime

    Nah, magical properties on items.

    It uses the value of the item, I think, and some of the higher items are VERY expensive, especially since it factors in the current mod (which increases the price of the item) Think it was close to 1 plat for an attempt at the Flamethrower, was maybe 30 gold for the Harp. Very expensive.. but of course those are the items you want a good mod on!

    Yes, you are correct! Even so, it shouldn't be a large amount of money, one reason I thought that comment was strange. Once, I think I lost about 5 gold.. a long time ago, when I thought that was a lot. :p Never again! Especially now that you can "auto deposit" or whatever it is, and it takes money from your money slots.
  19. Chocofire

    Chocofire Clinger

    back in 1.0.6 i stopped selling items to the npc's, because I had farmed over 60 plat in the past by via bone serpents, but now since i restated I sell rare items now to them :p
  20. Gardes

    Gardes Green Slime

    back to i build a lens and rotten stuff farmplace and farmed a lot material. I also had a vile mushroom farm and then i made tons of boss summoning items, killed the bosses often and sold the demonic ore and stuff from the bosses. For 10-12 Bosses you should get about 60-80 Gold, and it is fun to destroy the bosses with different weapons, lesser armor or, if you had a lack of time, just summon both bosses and slauthered them together in a few seconds :) This way lead me to 5 platinum and 40 gold.
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