How do YOU make money?

Discussion in 'PC' started by LD300, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. Freefall357

    Freefall357 Snatcher

    Carry a safe, or 9, everywhere you go. Keep things you only need sometimes in there, and your gold/plat (ignore the other two). My safe has spare Shines, my diving gear+Obsid Pots, A stack of piggies, a stack of wood and a bed (never know when you need a house...also good for making a quick workbench to sit the piggies on), etc, etc, etc. Put stuff you want quickly in your safe and other crap that you can get when you have time...or stuff you really dont want to lose in a piggie.

    It will save you a fair bit of anguish down the road when you start getting a fair bit-o-gold on each also sets you up for running medcore chars, which can be fun and FAR more challenging.
  2. Sir Slaking

    Sir Slaking Green Slime


    Every kill is worth about 11 gold. And each battle takes approximately fifteen seconds.
    I just have a water candle + Battle Potion to try and get the required materials.
  3. Chocofire

    Chocofire Clinger

    you can spawn the EoC with the slight chance of the battle potion and water candle? who new, now this would be fun :D
  4. Lunatrius

    Lunatrius Cave Bat

    Bunny statue on a blood moon. Gets me about 2 gold per minute, could be more with more statues. Otherwise... EoW/EoC, it's fun and the demonite ore sells good.
  5. NaturallyMade

    NaturallyMade Piranha

    This may just be because my world is on hardmode = harder mobs, but every time I go spelunking I get over 2G, thats just killing mobs o_o
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  6. PureIce96

    PureIce96 Green Slime

    sell random junk
  7. Magii

    Magii Green Slime

    I go to a server were they are doing bossbattles. I think im good at surviving alot in thoose, so I pick up alot of money. And most people actually carry alot of plat, so, I get loot from their dead bodies, and some share of the boss drops.

    1.Go to server
    2. Boss battle
    3. Dont die.
    4. Loot bodies
    5. Get your share of boss drops
    6 ?????
    7. Profit.
  8. Asa Mobley

    Asa Mobley Green Slime

    I just resummon bosses and fight them. I usually get enough Demonite Ore to make 30 bars, which sells for about 12 Gold.
  9. Rexon

    Rexon Slimed Zombie

    i make millions of Suspicious eyes and kill the EoC and sell the demonite ores..but the new way is just kill the harder always soloing the Twins
  10. The13thclam

    The13thclam Green Slime

    Step 1. Make a pool of water.
    Step 2. Place goldfish/crab statues in water.
    Step 3. Place dart traps at either end.
    Step 4. Hook all of it up to pressure plates in the rooms of the NPCs.
    Step 5. Profit.

    NPCs pace during the day spawning crabs and goldfish. NPCs set off dart traps killing crabs and goldfish. Grapple up to right under the pool and collect monies, and fish, sell fish, repeat as needed. I'm making money while I work on crafting projects, isn't that lovely?

    I'm planning a version that uses an eye/gel statue and more dart traps so I can increase revenues sharply.

    If you mean before the mechanic? Clay and sand.
  11. Sir Logan

    Sir Logan Doctor Bones

    I just go out, kill stuff, sell the loot I don't need. Sometimes I farm from bosses.
  12. puenboy

    puenboy Demon Eye

    I don't remember, but I don't really make serious money anymore since I played and find myself with 214 plats.
  13. cool_girl

    cool_girl Green Slime

    i too know a good way to make money, send me a PM if interested
  14. WolfMimir

    WolfMimir Cursed Skull

    new money tactic....sell cobalt ores :p...what does they sell for? havent cared to look >.<
  15. jadkni

    jadkni Dark Caster

    I haven't employed spawner-related strategies as of yet. My preferred method right now is to kill the Eater and sell demonite ingots. Not the quickest method I'm sure, but 3.5 gold per go isn't too bad considering I can fight him around the clock.
  16. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    i sell my body to the engineer :x
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  17. kornelia

    kornelia Green Slime

    get a toolbar and monetize with it
  18. NSwa

    NSwa Slimer

    There Demonite Bars not ignots this is Terraria not Minecraft. *Edit* sorry I just hate Minecraft.
  19. ViewedCloth

    ViewedCloth Green Slime

    I go on to my server and spawn thousands of platinum coins.

  20. pavitrakumar

    pavitrakumar Green Slime

    3 words... statue lava trap ....
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