How popular would a Dragon Ball Z mod be?

Discussion in 'General Mod Discussion' started by Arroz2003, Mar 4, 2012.


Would you like to see a Dragon Ball Z mod?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Arroz2003

    Arroz2003 Devourer

    I think Terraria is the perfect format and setting for a mod like this. The fully destructible environments, flight, explosions, and spiky blonde hair.

    Just some ideas.
    -It would probably be strictly pvp.
    -Pick a fighter or create one.
    -Flight, punching, kicking.
    -Power up
    -Energy blasts that would kind hit with the force of a grenade, bomb, and dynamite.
    .........What do you guys think?
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  2. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    1. Would you be making this? Would you want assistance with coding and/or sprites?
    2. If it was made, it'd make me happy because the Themed secton of our mods is a bit bare right now.
    3. Hell. Yes.
  3. Sigia

    Sigia Snatcher

    Hm... I'm sure there is a way to create Dynamite-like results without the whole damage thing. 'Cause, you know. I have a problem with dying. It keeps me from living. (This could be a power up thing?)
  4. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    Yes. Do it. NOW.
  5. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    We would have freaking Spirit Bomb trollers
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  6. jo brandon

    jo brandon Piranha

    i think spirit bombs whould be kinda hard to get, if not impossible
  7. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Another themed mod? Hmm.....
  8. Arroz2003

    Arroz2003 Devourer

    I would not be modding. I can sprite. I was just throwing the idea out there. I have had a lot of people suggest it. Terraria's format is perfect for a DBZ mod.
  9. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Alright, me and Emp might make this in a month, once we're ready.
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  10. Arroz2003

    Arroz2003 Devourer

    Yea imagine getting hit by a moon beam cannon...and it blowing you straight to hell...literally!
  11. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Here's my idea for the physics.

    You equip an attack, like say Kamehameha. You can click once for a rapid attack (Takes about .70 seconds to fire it) which is a thin beam that does minimal damage. OR, you can hold it down and charge the attack, which in the case of Kamehameha would be a ball that increases in size around your hand (Also, don't forget the charge stance...!) until it glows about half the size of your body. At minimum quick attack damage, an attack like Kamehameha would deal 20 damage, while at max end it could deal about 300 damage.

    However, while charging you cannot move, and are completely vulnerable to a counter attack. This is where the melee system comes in. A bunch of rapid punches deal minimal damage and cannot halt a charging attack, and even a half charged punch cannot, but a fully charged punch (Kamehameha would take about 7 seconds to charge fully, while a punch would only take about 3 to charge fully) would halt the special attack completely.

    I think there should also be a way to make this a whole seperate game mode. In this mode, when you create a character with this mod enabled, you get a little window that appears, offering you 8 stats to increase.

    Speed: Affects movement speed only, including flight speed..
    Flight: Affects how high you can fly/jump. At max, you can maintain infinite flight.
    Melee power: Affects how much damage your punches do.
    Melee speed: Same, but for how quickly you can unleash a melee attack.
    Melee defense: Affects how much damage you take from punches.
    Special Power: Affects the amount of power a special can deal.
    Special Speed: Etc.
    Special defense: Etc.

    There would be 7 points per stat, and you start with 16 points to give. This means you could focus entirely on two stats, or spread them around a bit, or become a jack of all trades, but master of none.

    Melee would have the advantage of being able to deal less damage, but more reliably and more quickly. Melee attacks would probably also be able to dodge and evade more easily.
    Special attacks would deal more damage, and more accurately (Upon releasing a special attack, it aims wherever your cursor is pointing) and have the advantage of always stunning the opponent for 2 seconds at half charge, and 5 seconds at full charge if an attack hits. To achieve the same thing, melee has to be fully charged.

    You could work on this mod slowly, getting everything set up bit by bit. Once the infrastructure is laid, then you could add special attacks one by one, and new melee attacks too. I'd love to see this bear fruition, DBZ is probably one of my most favorite shows of all time.
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  12. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    This is actully a good idea.
  13. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    But then Terraria wouldn't be Terraria :C
  14. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    That's the whole point of making mods. :)
  15. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    The most important part would be all of these in multiplayer. 1v1 would not be nearly as fun (Melee would rape the hell out of special) but get it on with a 3v3 or as many as 5v5 and this would be pretty amazing.

    As far as attacks go, I could see it going like this...

    Tier: High
    Power 20 - 300
    Charge to reach full: 7 seconds, and has an early release that deals 20 damage but takes .70 secs to fire.
    Accuracy: High
    Speed: Fast, rarely dodgable.
    Pierces blocks: No.
    Pierces Enemies: No. (Hits one enemy for massive damage.)
    Destroys blocks: Yes, at half charge has the power of a bomb, at full has the power of dynamite. The explosions deal 1/2 damage to enemies in the area of effect.

    Galick Gun:
    Tier: Medium
    Power 50 - 200
    Charge to reach full: 5 seconds, requires at least 1.20 seconds to charge minimum level.
    Accuracy: High
    Speed: Instant.
    Pierces blocks: No.
    Pierces Enemies: No. (Hits one enemy for large damage.)
    Destroys blocks: Yes, at full charge has the power of a bomb. The explosion deals 1/2 damage to enemies in the area of effect.
    Note: A weaker version of the Kamehameha, deals more damage on the quick release as a bonus.

    Special Beam Cannon:
    Tier: Medium
    Power: Instant kill if it hits.
    Charge time: 12 seconds. Once charging has started, cannot be cancelled or released early, must attain full power.
    Accuracy: Medium. (Thin beam, needs a direct hit)
    Speed: Instant.
    Pierces Blocks: Yes.
    Pierces Enemies: Yes, and instakills anyone it scores a hit on. Also can instakill an ally caught in the blast, use with caution.
    Destroys blocks: Yes, 2x Dynamite explosion, but deals only 100 damage to anyone in the block radius.

    Spirit Bomb:
    Tier: Medium - High
    Power: 100-300
    Charge to reach full: 10 seconds, can be released at the 3 second mark or later for less damage and size.
    Accuracy: Low. A large ball that is easy to dodge, but if it hits the ground has a large AOE.
    Speed: Slow. If the bomb launches into the air, will dissipate after 5 seconds in air resulting in no harm. Always aim at the ground for best results.
    Pierces blocks: Hell no.
    Pirces enemies: No. Upon hitting an enemy, explodes there.
    Destroys blocks: Yes. Bomb explosion at early release, dynamite size only at full.
    Note: Can be deflected if a fully charged special attack such as Kamehameha is aimed at it. When it explodes, it deals full damage to anyone, friendly or ally caught in its radus. Very dangerous last resort attack, use extreme caution.

    Just some quick ideas.
  16. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Hmm, save all of this, we'll need it IF when we make the mod.
  17. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    It is saved though, forums don't vanish overnight y'know

    Some more weapon ideas!

    Solar Flare: (Tien's move)
    Tier: Medium
    Power 40
    Charge to reach full: 0.80 seconds and has a cooldown of 14 seconds.
    Accuracy: Guaranteed hit if onscreen
    Speed: Instant.
    Pierces blocks: No. (The technique will not work if someone is on the other side of 1 line of tiles)
    Pierces Enemies: Hits all enemies if on screen, and allies too.
    Destroys blocks: No.
    Note: This technique blasts a flash aura out of your character, blinding allies and enemies both (For 10 seconds) and inflicting 40 damage on anyone struck by it. If an enemy/ally is not visible on your screen, they will not be harmed or blinded. The only person not harmed or blinded by this attack is the user. Their vision range is reduced to what it would be if they were in pitch blackness holding a torch.

    Destructo Disk:
    Tier: Medium
    Power 100
    Charge to reach full: 2 seconds, cannot be cancelled/released early except by enemy stun.
    Accuracy: Homes in on an enemy for 3 seconds, flies in a straight direction if it doesn't hit before the lockon times finishes.
    Speed: Medium.
    Pierces blocks: Yes, see below..
    Pierces Enemies: Yes, pierces one enemy and aims for a different enemy if available, or if not available continues flying straight until offscreen.
    Destroys blocks: Yes, cuts a single layer of tiles for 8 tiles and then dissipates. Best to aim in the air and not at the ground.
    Note: This technique isn't easily spammable but is pretty powerful. It would not stun the enemy.

    Tri Beam:
    Tier: Medium
    Power 50
    Charge to reach full: 0.50 seconds.
    Accuracy: Average. Shoots where you aim it, in a straight line.
    Speed: Medium. Dodgable, at the least.
    Pierces blocks: No.
    Pierces Enemies: No, hits one enemy and stops.
    Destroys blocks: No.
    Note: A simple quick spammable attack. No special effects.
  18. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    The tri beam would actully drain tiens life from what i remember.
  19. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Actually if that were the case, then we could make it do 80 damage, but drain 20 health per shot so spamming it can make you a powerhouse, assuming you always hit the enemy, but it will also kill you if you keep missing :D
  20. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    Thats actully how it worked he could spam the hell out of it but he would slowley lose health.

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