How safe is hamachi?

Discussion in 'PC' started by TobiasTM, May 29, 2011.

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  1. TobiasTM

    TobiasTM Green Slime

    Is hamachi realy safe to use, because when i joined a server with hamachi i had like 20 pc's in my network. I have good anti-virus and secured my public and private network good so no need to worry but i was just wondering how safe it is.
  2. Threule

    Threule Blazing Wheel

    If you use hamachi you have an skeletron head each second and you die because yes. Nah, just trolling, its safe, but a bit laggy
  3. Descole

    Descole Green Slime

    It's as safe as any other legit program , no need to worry.
  4. TobiasTM

    TobiasTM Green Slime

    haha ok thanks. Kinda annoying that their pc's show up in my network but i can adjust that probally. Thanks for ur help :p
  5. Lyra

    Lyra Fire Imp

    It's completely safe, no virus, malware, or anything.
  6. H20

    H20 Green Slime

    Its safer than roaming the interwebs
    So yeah its pretty damn safe
  7. T3G Silas

    T3G Silas Green Slime

    The program itself is safe, however, if your security is lacking those other people will have direct access to your network.
  8. Toraxa

    Toraxa Green Slime

    Those people are showing up in your network because they ARE in your network. It's not a bug. That's how Hamachi works. It tricks the computers into believing they're on a local network. Thereby bypassing the need for ports to be open because the connection is coming from "inside" the network.

    It is safe to use, as a program. What's unsafe is giving out information to random people online. Hamachi was not designed for use with random people to play random games. It's intended for intranets, remote access to home networks, and friends to play LAN games or run servers.

    Hamachi bypasses a lot of your network security, and gets anybody who wants to cause you harm past the hardest parts of your defense to crack. If your router, printers, and sharing folders aren't already properly set up to disallow modification of files, etc, then they can easily abuse them.
  9. Brent

    Brent Green Slime


    it's easy to host a non-hamachi Terraria server (if you know how) but hamachi just makes it easier, no need to fiddle with ports or adapters.

    Hamachi lets people into your network, so if you have anything shared, be it a fax machine, printer, or a folder, the people in your hamachi network can access it quite easily.
  10. TobiasTM

    TobiasTM Green Slime

    Yeah thats excactly wich i was worried about the most. I knew it was not a bugg but i thought it just stands there because they have seen me and not because they could do things in my public maps and printers. I won't use hamachi public hamachi server then since its not that safe if you join in a huge hamachi lobby.

    How do you do that then? :). Not by giving my IP right? that is not a good solution i think xD

    my security is not lacking its fine but i wanted to know how safe it realy was to join public rooms for terraria gaming.

    sorry my english is not that good. Thanks for ur help guys! :D
  11. Warlocked200

    Warlocked200 Yellow Slime

    Pretty laggy and does the occasional spontaneous disconnection, but it provides the bare essentials for starting a server
    Has the tendency to overload
  12. Brent

    Brent Green Slime

    The difference between the two is quite simple, In a hamachi network, you're giving full access to everything on your network through any port etc. if you host without hamachi, you're only giving access to ONE port of your network, and they can't see everything else on your network unless they work around your firewall.

    neither is 100% safe, as far as network security goes, but port forwarding is MUCH safer
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