how te remove lava??

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Enzym, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Enzym

    Enzym Umbrella Slime

    Just a very quick question.... what is the most effective way to remove lava legitimately???
    coz im building my evil lair at my hell:rolleyes:
  2. RainWanderer

    RainWanderer Unicorn

    As far as I know...Use a pump and pump lava into a pocket else where. If you want to outright get rid of them, you have to use blocks, like sand or dirt block, fill the area up, the save & exit. When you log in your world again, the lava behind those blocks will disappear. Using doors to eliminate the lava is another way, but isn't that effective.
  3. Enzym

    Enzym Umbrella Slime

    Thanks.. im gonna do it now...Ill go with the sand or pump
  4. TigerAceCrew

    TigerAceCrew Slimed Zombie

    As above, you can use pumps, or if you are brave: buckets. The sand trick also works. If you want some resource out of them you can use water to create obsidian (note that you have to use it from time-to time, cause water evaporates in hell, so you cant fill it in, so it will be an annoying procedure, eg: Pour an about 5x5 block of water (or more), it creates some obsidian, but the water goes away. You mine the obsidian and pour another dose of water, and repeat...)
    Good luck, I still prefer to leave them there :D
  5. Enzym

    Enzym Umbrella Slime

    I cant just leave them there coz im building something so decided to blow away to the deepest of hell:cool:
  6. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Depends on what you call "legit." In my case, just getting it out of the way works.

    I'm moving all lava downwards to the bottom of one of my worlds, while using a lava immunity accessory. I'm not a "buff" fan. And I also don't like to waste time farming (yes, even the time spent setting up a farm is a waste to me.)
  7. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    pumps are a good way to remove lava. to put the inlet pumps in to the lava, you can just simply use potions, or accessories
  8. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Or dig to the side of the lava, if there's enough ash around it.
  9. Enzym

    Enzym Umbrella Slime

    Now this is better. now itd better.png
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