How to Build walls and bridges fast

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Airborn, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Airborn

    Airborn Tim

    I was using this way to build bridges, large walls (gaps in helevator) or arenas for a long time and was wondering, why I do not see more people do it.

    You need:
    • building material
    • Grapling Hook (or upgraded version/Dual Hook)
    • You move only with your grapling hook block by block while building.
    • you can't fall down
    • you can build faster
    • no knock back while building (if enemies attack)
    • no need to walk
    • no need to move your mouse, once you have it at the right position (easy to find)
    • you have to hit your "E" button very often
    • You can't build walls down, only up
    • You need a grapling hook or better
    • You can't build walls out of wood platforms this way (bridges are possible)
    1. Select your building material
    2. You graple to the wall
    3. You hit the "E" button continuisly. Hold your left mouse button (LMB) and move it up until you are moving with your "E".
    1. Select your building material.
    2. You graple under you.
    3. Hit the "E" button continuisly. At the same time, move your LMB in the desired direction until it works.
    I hope, that I could explain it so that it is understandable.
  2. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    It's understandable, yet those are not that much faster than the methods I use, and you'll need less button-mashing with how I do it.

    Ivy Whip is how you build things fast, as you can, in most situations, accurately place yourself between walls or under roof sections and build all around you, rather than being stuck on one side of your building. A simple press of the E button can reallocate you in a second so that you can keep on placing bricks, walls, platforms, and even furniture without ever touching the ground.

    As for bridges, just aiming two blocks away from you and keeping the LMB down while walking will do the trick.
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  3. Airborn

    Airborn Tim

    The problem with that is, that you are not walking at a constant speed and have to releas your "A" or "D" Button continuisly, so you do not get to fast. And it is easyier to make a error this way.
    With my method your building speed ist pretty constant and fast.
    And if you want to build a wall e.G. to get to a floating island, there is not really a better way to do it.

    To build houses I do not use this method as well.
  4. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    No, you don't have to release your directional button at all when building a bridge in the way I mentioned. Holding the LMB to place the bricks/platforms while walking will make them spawn in front of you, and unless you're using spectre/hermes boots, this will mean you will not fall down.

    As for building a single wall up, six bricks up, platform segment to the side of the topmost one, jump to it, rinse and repeat. No need to punish your E button.
  5. Airborn

    Airborn Tim

    Hmm, I hate it to be slow, so I am always at the point, where I am walking faster than building.

    Building additional platforms sucks.

    By the way, have you tried my method?
    Hmm, I think, I will give it the name "Grapling Building", or is there already a name for it?
  6. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Yes, I've tried it, but it's very situational, bridges can be build faster by walking, and other things are built faster with the ivy whip.

    No idea about a name, I don't name building methods.
  7. oSIVo

    oSIVo Arapaima

    what about ivy whip and ice rod? put a block anywhere, grapple anywhere.

    Only drawback is the 3 second melt time on the ice.... so build fast!
  8. RayWay

    RayWay Snatcher

    yes . . . i used the method of Airborn but i broke my keyboard once :D . . .
    so i started following the method razor knight mentioned almost from the beginning . . .
  9. Kochab

    Kochab Green Slime

    Airborn, thanks for sharing your technique. Saved me a ton of time building my sky bridge.

    I unequipped boots and even some armor and accessories to reduce my movespeed and the build rate doesn't keep up. I'd literally put down like 3 blocks before plummeting off the edge. I tried aiming two blocks away, but that didn't matter. It really didn't matter where I aimed. The result was that I just couldn't hold down the walk button. I'm not sure how you were able to do this.
  10. Airborn

    Airborn Tim

    I guess that he taps the walking button. Holding it is impossible.
    An other option is to use frozen slime blocks. With them, you just have to adjust the glide speed and then you only have to hold the LMB.

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