How to chat on multiplayer?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Sillynipples, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Sillynipples Squirrel

    This seems really obvious to everyone else, but I can't figure it out. How do you chat on multiplayer?
  2. DMiBY Green Slime

    Press Enter and type then Enter again. :) I bet you feel silly now :)
  3. BraveDude8 Slimed Zombie

    The inexperience is strong with this one :p

    OT: Some servers have commands so /help normally brings those up.
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  4. Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    Press enter. Then push your fingers into those buttons covering your keyboard so they make something a human could be aware of. Then press enter again.
  5. Marak Devourer

    This just in: Thread is from MAY 18TH.

    But I'm sure he appreciates all that help 8 months after asking the question.
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  6. Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    You never know. Maybe something terrible happened and he only saw it yesterday.
  7. Valanthril Rikku

    Epic necro is epic.

    +1 Just cause.

    Don't do it again.

    Thread closed.
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