How to Cheat on terraria

Discussion in 'PC' started by SSGLeader, May 14, 2011.


Would you like a cheat sytem (like minecraft has InvEdit)

  1. Yes

    51 vote(s)
  2. Hell no

    126 vote(s)
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  1. SSGLeader

    SSGLeader Green Slime

    I just figured something out
    i've seen the hole let's play by pbat
    and if i'm not wrong you can keep you inv between worlds. so if you put 10 gold in a chest. copy that world. and put it in the game so you have 2 of those maps you can get 20 gold and if you keep doing that you'll be able to cheat money or items i think.
    And 1 more question
  2. JiangShi

    JiangShi Green Slime

    I don't want it but there's not much they can do to prevent it.
  3. Keirndmo

    Keirndmo Dark Caster

  4. Dazbuzz

    Dazbuzz Green Slime

    Cheating like that just spoils the fun. Go ahead and cheat if you want, you are the one who suffers.
  5. Leet

    Leet Squirrel

    That just ruins the fun of the game, If you want to go ahead but i'd much rather earn the things legit.
  6. SSGLeader

    SSGLeader Green Slime

    You guys missunderstood i dont like cheating it just makes a game you could play for 10 hours to 1 hour of fun. but this is just some cheat i figured out. and this would suck if it works because people can do it on multiplayer and that ruins it for everyone else
  7. Teanji

    Teanji Blazing Wheel

    I think that sounds a little to simple to work.. There's probably a unique key (like a World ID) that would prevent something like that.
  8. davecoolkid

    davecoolkid Green Slime

    I hate cheating i used invedit on minecraft and it got a whole lot more boring after a while. NO CHEATS FOR TERRARIA because i know i will be tempted to use them if they come out
  9. With player inventory saved locally, i imagine there will be far easier cheats available with alteration of a few values in the player file. That'll just take a bit of time ot learn. item IDs etc...

    regardless, don't play with the cheaters in multiplayer if you don't like cheating.
  10. e722

    e722 Tim

    hell to the no!
  11. Cinder

    Cinder Green Slime

    0 Votes for Yes

  12. Blockheads

    Blockheads Green Slime

    cheating is for cheaters. 'nough said
  13. Texada

    Texada Green Slime

    One notes that random world generator is Random and one could just dig down for a bit find some gems what sell for silly amount of money and then you don't need to worry about money ever again.
  14. qbicfeet

    qbicfeet Green Slime

    I hope this game will have some sort of cheat-recognizing tool to prevent users from... well, cheat.
  15. EcoMaster21

    EcoMaster21 Green Slime

    I'm very interested in seeing anti-duping measures put in, but to be very honest, I don't see how they're going to manage that at this time. I'll certainly welcome the implementation, though!
  16. Ballistic

    Ballistic Green Slime

    I don't really like cheating, it kind of ruins the fun of the game. Without cheats the game will probably last you a whole lot longer because, well, you have to mine this and that and go to the dungeon, but with cheats you just get everything and it's fun for like, 2 minutes before it gets boring.
  17. Silver

    Silver Cursed Skull

    Wow, 35 votes agaisnt cheating, 0 votes for cheating.
  18. Epic Duck

    Epic Duck Green Slime

    Cheating is m'kay in some games. Cheating in Terraria just ruins it all..
  19. Trippy clock

    Trippy clock Cursed Skull

    It would be strange to have something like inv edit in Terraria
  20. EcoMaster21

    EcoMaster21 Green Slime

    This, pretty much. The only really rare resource I'd say are the ores, but editing those items in kills a pretty big aspect of Terraria.

    But hey, I guess some people HAVE to have a house made of gold bricks. And if that's what you have to do to enjoy the game, well, be my guest.
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