Pre 1.2 [How To] Custom Soundtracks

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Sychosis, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Artemis251

    Artemis251 Cursed Man

    Anyone know any way around making the Day music NOT horribly silence and then get replaced by a fade in of the Alt. Day music? I have both songs set to the same thing, and instead of transitioning, I get ugly track changes in the middle of the day. It's worse when the two songs are different. :/ I haven't tried replacing Alt. Day with silence, but I can't see that working since the current playing track gets immediately silenced anyway.
  2. KemicolKid97

    KemicolKid97 Squirrel

    yeah i dont see any way around it
  3. altermaven

    altermaven Dark Caster

    Hoboy.. this is definitely going to make my editing quite difficult..
  4. pokecatch

    pokecatch Hornet

    I'm waiting for Red to leak that he added something to prevent different soundbanks to pop up or that it's a glitch or something because the mods seem to be avoiding this thread like fire.
  5. BackPack

    BackPack Mouse

    Why would anyone want to change the soundtrack :cool:
  6. Artemis251

    Artemis251 Cursed Man

    Ehh, I'm really not a big fan of most songs in it. I'm usually a big fan of game music/instrumentals, but Terraria's really doesn't mesh with me. A few tracks are pretty nice in places, but some of the instruments kind of kill it in most places. I like changing the music more than putting it on mute and playing other music in the background. :/

    Also, as a heads-up: some new track has been added. My old 1.2 Wave Bank file wouldn't work until I added a new song. Not sure where it plays yet, but that might be why some of the others you all have been making don't apply right with the latest patch.
  7. KemicolKid97

    KemicolKid97 Squirrel

    I saw that it was for the halloween event
  8. Saemj

    Saemj Zombie

    Hate to say this, but why not just turn the music off and play some mp3 in the background ?
  9. Artemis251

    Artemis251 Cursed Man

    I like knowing when biomes change. Plus, I find it fun to make playlists to fit the different themes! :D
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  10. Nakurusa

    Nakurusa Cursed Man

    The pumpkin event is the track number 30, am i right?
  11. Ecliptica

    Ecliptica Mouse

    Because then the music wouldn't change when one moves between biomes or fulfills certain conditions. It's an immersion kind of thing.
  12. KemicolKid97

    KemicolKid97 Squirrel

    yes it is the pumpkin event
  13. Johnson120

    Johnson120 Cave Bat

    I need help! Reason! Terraria Wont do anything well for sound and music! I have all Tracks but it wont work! It wont allow me to turn up the music and there is no sound!

    Edit: Nvm I just forgot the track 30!

    Edit Nvm it wont work again! This is annoying...
  14. hellow27

    hellow27 Eskimo Zombie

    I thought the pumpkin moon uses the Solar Eclipse theme, it must be similar or something I guess. The list main post REALLY needs to be updated...
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 10, 2013, Original Post Date: Nov 10, 2013 ---
    Also, I updated my metroid-themed wave bank! It isn't strictly Metroid, but about 1/5 of the tracks I either couldn't find a fitting one from metroid or the piece I choose just fit alot better, also I have alot of Hauntershadows epic remixes in here, if you like them go check out his stuff!! Anyway, here's the song list...
    Show Spoiler

    1. Night - Midnight hunters (Hauntershadow)
    2. Evil - Hydrodynamo Station (Another Metroid 2 Remake)
    3. Day - Tallon Overworld 2 (Prime)
    4. Pre hardmode bosses (Except WoF) - Rundas (Prime 3)
    5. Title - Title (Mega Man 2)
    6. Jungle - Jungle Floor (Super Metroid)
    7. Corruption - Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2)
    8. Hallow - Yellow Valkerie (Skytown remix by DarkeSword)
    9. Deep Corruption - Torvus Bog (Prime 2)
    10. Deep Hallow - Prime Ordeal (Hauntershadow)
    11. Wall of Flesh/Twins - One Final Effort (Halo 3)
    12. Cave - Geothermal (Cave Story)
    13. Brain of Cthulu/Destroyer - Emperor Ing v1 (Echoes)
    14. Snow - Crashed Frigate Orpheon (Prime)
    15. Space - Phazon Mines (Prime)
    16. Crimson - Suicide Mission (ME2)
    17. Queen Bee/Golem - Duel of Destiny (Hauntershadow)
    18. Dusk - Tallon Overworld 1 (Prime)
    19. Rain - Crashed Frigate Orpehon (Prime)
    20. Ice - Phendrana Drifts (Prime)
    21. Desert - Chozo Ruins (Prime)
    22. Ocean - Submerged Temple (Echoes)
    23. Dungeon - Mortars, Baby! (Creeper World 3)
    24. Boss 5 - NO MORE NO MORE HEROES - (No More Heroes)
    25. Lunar Boss - The Sun Rises (Okami)
    26. Lihzard Temple - Perilous Path (Hauntershadow)
    27. Dungeon - Theme 1 (Creeper World 2)
    28. Rain SFX - Misc Rain SFX (Random thunderstorm)
    29. Mushroom - Phendrana's Edge (Prime)
    30. Pumpkin Moon - Desperation (Creeper World 3)

    Here's the download!
    Edit: Awesome double post automerger is awesome!
  15. Oh good GOD, you saved me. It's EXTREMELY frustrating for you to spend like 9 hours choosing tracks, and then looping them nicely only for it to not even work because of something stupid like this. You should be able to rename them, and have it work just fine. But nooo... agh. Thank you so much. Just gotta renormalize them now. I made mine a little too quiet. :D
  16. Levi1208

    Levi1208 Blood Crawler

    I like it too <3
  17. drsonic2

    drsonic2 Pigron

    Ugh. Since my request for a custom wavebank fell through on a different thread, it's time to learn how to do this.
    I assume it's the same but with a different tracklist (which I have found)?
    Otherwise I'm kinda fucked.
  18. wardragon

    wardragon Squirrel

    so i've been busy with work for the longest time and now that i have gotten a new less time demanding job i check terraria... and holy updates batman! so i've gotten to updating my golden sun sound track i had posted ages ago for any one interested. link for down load here > Bank.xwb <. and again i have used songs i did not create my self but i will provide links if any one asks.
  19. drsonic2

    drsonic2 Pigron

    I have a large error with my soundtrack that needs fixing.
    Basically, the problem is that the music keeps being weird. By this, I mean that the songs are going up two spaces when they play.
    Here's what I mean:
    Night will play track 29 instead of track 1.
    Eerie will play track 30 instead of track 2.
    Day will play track 1 instead of track 3.
    And so on and so forth.
    I tried rearranging them, but it wouldn't work. Any help on the matter?
  20. KemicolKid97

    KemicolKid97 Squirrel

    did you put it in exact order?

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