Pre 1.2 [How To] Effectivly and Swiftly Use A Heart Statue.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Christoffer Nilsson, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Heart Statues are awesome.

    Here's my setup for a semi automatic health shrine for use in boss arenas!


    Run over the switches from one direction will cause 3 hearts to pop out of the statue. The statue will produce a 4th heart behind you if you run over the other sides switches too. This is due to the limitation of 3 hearts close to the statue. If anyone has any other better setup, please share :)

    Edit: There is a 10 Second Cooldown on this. In other words, 4 hearts can only be produced every 10 seconds.
  2. Snirk Immington

    Snirk Immington Arapaima

    I can't think of a better layout. By the way, you can make the wiring into one strait line across...
  3. Freedom's Flame

    Freedom's Flame Blazing Wheel

    Nice. If I think of a new setup I shall inform you of it. I made a lock mechanism out of sand, water, and cobwebs before there were wires so I might think of something. Keep up the good work!
  4. I tried out the Straight across wire. But I can't get it to produce 4 hearts like my setup does. Tried 2 and 3 straight lines too but at best I got the 3 hearts. :) The fourth heart that spawns after you've collected the other ones doesnt seem to appear though :p

    Then I hope you invent some crazy machines. There's alot of potential. The best one I've seen so far is that crabengine, it's just so good and just incredibly hilarious! xD
  5. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    Wire does not need to be in a loop to be effective.
    All it needs to do is go through a device to activate it, but there is plenty of wire underground.
    Just saying.
  6. Snirk Immington

    Snirk Immington Arapaima

    As a wizard, I also use a setup like this for mana
    Also, I thought the cooldown time was 10 sec?
  7. Actually this setup I have shown you here has a clear advantage as opposed to a straight line of wire.

    yes this setup would most likely work for your star statue aswell.
    Yes there is a 10 second cooldown. But running over this entire setup from one end to another will spawn 4 hearts assuming the first 3 hearts are picked up while running past. Then there is a 10 second cooldown before the entire setup can be used to spawn 4 more hearts. :) In other words, running over this setup and then going back for the 4th heart gives you 80 health every 10 seconds. :)
  8. korumuda

    korumuda Green Slime

    4hearts*10seconds=4 life/second
    It's not equal to 80/10=8 life/second.
  9. FranMAD

    FranMAD Doctor Bones

    1 Heart = 20HP...

    On-Topic: Nice... but... why does it drops the 3 adicional hearts??
  10. korumuda

    korumuda Green Slime

    Oh, thanks. :D My mistake.
  11. Nuxohiz

    Nuxohiz Blazing Wheel

    Thanks a lot for posting your heart machine. It made me do some research on why it would spawn four hearts and how it could be more efficient. That research became the basic of my own guide about how to summon multiple items without cool down from statues which I made since my reply here was getting too big.
    You got credits there of course.

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