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Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by tanvin, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. tanvin

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    Me and my friend just got Terraria, I know what I'm doing (been watching PBat and Slyfox since the game launched) he has absolutely no idea what's going on. So to help him I made a server for us to play on but I have no idea how to find my Ip address and port number so he can join...Please someone help me.
  2. tdbnasc3

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  3. tanvin

    tanvin Green Slime

    does it normally take a long time to connect? cuz he's been on the connecting thing for a while
  4. tdbnasc3

    tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    No, that problem could be because you are using a router and that makes it impossible for him to connect without hamachi or port forwarding.
  5. tanvin

    tanvin Green Slime

    Alright, anything special to know about hamachi?
    <--clueless about networking xD
  6. tdbnasc3

    tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    Not really it's pretty straight-forward, you download it,install,turn it on,create a network and have your friend join it before he joins your server. He also needs hamachi but instead of creating a network group on hamachi,he needs to join yours. Also when he is connecting to your terraria server,tell him to use your hamachi ip,not the real one.
  7. gigimoi

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    Google "Port forward tutorial"

    for your ip, open a command prompt and enter "ipconfig"
    look for ipv4 Address, the number next to that is your IP
  8. tanvin

    tanvin Green Slime

    Alright we did all that and hes still getting the really long connection screen, whats the average time? or is there any way to see if 7777 isnt my port number?
  9. tdbnasc3

    tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    Read the whole thing,as he said he knows nothing of networking,hamachi is the best alternative for him,although it can't the trusted completely,it is more than ok to use among friends.
  10. tdbnasc3

    tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    No it shouldn't take that long,is he connecting to your hamachi ip and is he in a network you created on hamachi(not the terraria server)?
  11. tanvin

    tanvin Green Slime

    yes and yes
  12. tdbnasc3

    tdbnasc3 Green Slime

    When you start the server it asks you for the port number you want,you shouldn't need to change that nor should you even change that,I suggest starting a new server without messing with the unnecessary and trying again.
  13. Terraria Girl 003

    Terraria Girl 003 Green Slime

    i tried the ipconfig thing and it wouldn't work plz help
  14. TitanicNeoTyphlosion

    TitanicNeoTyphlosion Green Slime

    i still have no idea what im doing
  15. Xenith881

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    I know this is a month later than the last post but hopefully this will help solve some issues. Regardless as to how you intend to play with your friends on terraria, it needs to be allowed to pass through your firewall. In otherwords a trusted program. As for using hamachi, it also may need permission to pass through your firewall, also a trusted program. Afterwords if you still cannot connect with hamachi, you should go and ping them by right clicking that persons name in the hamachi window. If the ping times out, it means that their firewall is blocking you and they need to make hamachi a trusted program with their firewall. If this problem still persists, I'm sorry I do not know anything more as to what may help.

    Just to make sure it is noted again, the port should be 7777 which is the default when you go to join a game, there should be no need to change it.
  16. RYan123456789

    RYan123456789 Green Slime

    im trying to start a server and idont know how. all ive done is created my network for hamachi.is the ip formy server my
    hamachi ip? and i dont know how to find my port
  17. Kignus

    Kignus Green Slime

    Forget about himachi. Port forwarding is so much easier imo. Check the guide thats on this forum or google it.
  18. Harshini

    Harshini Green Slime

    A little bit about your IP address (Internet Protocol address). When you connect to the internet, either via your internet service provider (Verizon, Cable Vision, etc.), or your office LAN connection, you are assigned an IP address. This address identifies your computer from the other computers on the internet. Your IP address can be either static, meaning it never changes, or dynamic, meaning each time you connect online you are assigned a new address for that session. Check with your internet service provider or network administrator to find out if your computer uses static or dynamic IP addressing.

    The commands below will show you the IP address of your computer. If you use a home router to connect to the Internet, the IP shown from these commands will not be your public IP address (it will be your internal IP address). Internal usually IP address start with a 10.10 or 192.168.

    Windows 2000, XP:
    Enter in the command: cmd
    At the command prompt enter in: ipconfig

    Vista, WIndows 7:
    Go to the command prompt by select the Windows logo and in the search box entering:
    From the command prompt enter in the command: ipconfig

    If you wanna know about internet IP address just visit
    ip-details.com and get the details. It will show your IP address and it includes Geographic location information (includes country, region/state, city, latitude, longitude and telephone area code.), and a location specific map. You can check your port details from the following site http://www.portforward.com/ .. I hope this information will be helpful for you.
  19. TimberWolf5871

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    Ok I know what my IP is. the server port however isn't working. my friend tried 7777 but it wont connect. I got my copy off of steam and steam doesn't give instructions for multiplayer setup.
  20. Brayden Peacock

    Brayden Peacock Green Slime

    Hey Guys, If you do not have access to Command Prompt (For some odd reason) or are not Command friendly, There is an easier way - without any additional downloads.

    Go to the bottom right of your screen where all the icons are on the task bar.
    Right mouse click on your network icon (usually a monitor or bars) and then click "Status"
    Finally, Click on the the "Support" tab and your Local IP address and network configuration is listed.

    EDIT: Making a port forwarding tutorial for you also.

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