Pre 1.2 How to forward ports for Terraria

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    Here is a step by step guide to forwarding ports. This way, you don't have to use Hamachi, and your server will run smoother.

    1. Open a new tab an type enter in the address bar.
    If nothing happens, try or or even
    If nothing happens still, open command prompt and type "ipconfig" without the ""'s
    You should see something like this come up
    Type your default gateway into the address bar

    2. After typing in your default gateway, hit enter. You should then see something like this pop up
    They all look different, but you will probably be prompted for a username and password.
    By default everything is left blank, OR you can try using "Admin" for the username and "Password" for the password. if your router was signed a key when you bought it, like mine was, make sure to have it handy. You can also google search your router model and default username/password

    3. On your routers admin page you should be able to find something that tell you your IP address, Subnet Mask, Default gateway, and your DNS.
    It might look something like this:
    You will need the top 2 DNS numbers, so write them down.

    4. Look for an advanced/port forwarding/gaming tab and click it. Look for Single Port Forwarding and/or Port Rang Forwarding tab(s) and click it. If you have both, Port Range Forwarding is preferred. The tab might look like this:

    5. Once you do that you will come to a page that has a bunch of lines similar to this:
    What you need to do is make it look like this:
    Click apply changes/ok and save your changes.

    6. Now, go into your control panel and select "Network and Connections" or something similar to that. Just find your internet connection a right click it and select properties. It might look something like this:
    It could also be a wireless connection.
    You should now see a window similar to this
    Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click "Properties"
    You may have TCP/IP v4 and 6. Select v4

    7. You should now see a window similar to this:
    You must change these settings to fit your ports.
    Make the window look like this:

    Click ok and you are done with port forwarding!
    (Blame Bill Gates)

    You can now host a Terraria server successfully with little to NO lag.
    Personally, I do not get any lag at all when hosting.

    Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. DMiBY

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    Nice, another guide of the same thing to add to the list. All-in-all, this maybe clearer to some people over the other guides.

    Anyone thinking about port forwarding, I highly recommend it and this guide is very informative. I noticed when hosting and playing on my laptop, port forwad hosting reduced the lag a lot!
  3. Gothboy77

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    Haha yea I saw some of the other ones, but they were not very detailed or organized so I decided to write one that was easily understandable.

    I hope this helps someone!
  4. Alondite1010

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    I tried this and I am somewhat confused. I type in my Ip, and then do what you do. But mine is a Belkin and when I actually DO find my DNS, there is only 1 DNS. Also, I dont have the advanced/port forwarding/gaming tab or anything related to it. The closest thing I could find was Use as an Access Point
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    nice guide
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  6. Gothboy77

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    I think I found what you are looking for here:

    Also, for the DNS, you can use the same one for both lines.
  7. Alondite1010

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    ahh, thanks a lot, got it working nice and fine now. Great guide
  8. zReflex_Clan

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    I have a thomson O2 wireless box and im struggling to find the DNS?
  9. SovereignVis

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    After typing in in the address bar. It ask for a username and password. I type in the default username and password and click OK. But it just keeps asking again and again for the username and password. It doesn't say incorrect username or password. It just pops up blank again and again. :(
  10. MrCreeper123125

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    Nice guide.
  11. Rainbow

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    I never understood why most people did this, it isn't really needed at all. But it might help some people out so i won't whine about it/be a jerk.

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