Resolved How to get a First gun ?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by jeroen, May 20, 2011.

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  1. jeroen

    jeroen Green Slime


    Im new to the forums :)
    I Bought Terraria 2 days ago and i realy enjoy it.
    But i read that the Gun trader only comes when you'll get a Gun.
    So my question is, Where or How can i find a gun ?

  2. Seraphyx

    Seraphyx Green Slime

    I'm not sure about this but, the only way I know how to get a gun is to smash shadow orbs. They drop guns sometimes. I had issues attracting the gun dealer even after getting several but I was probably doing something wrong.

    Shadow orbs can be found at the bottom of chasms in the corruption, and to get through the unmineable (unless you have demonite(?) or molten pick axe) blocks you need two sticks of dynamite usually. Sometimes you will get lucky and only use 1 and be able to reach the orbs with the hammer.
  3. Kraiten

    Kraiten Eskimo Zombie

    I think you're a little lost.
  4. jeroen

    jeroen Green Slime

    Ah im sorry haha
    I Mean Terraria..
    I'm a little sleepy ;)
  5. Hawkn

    Hawkn Green Slime

    So, what gear should you have to go into the corruption? I have a hard time finding ore, even iron or copper.
  6. countchocula86

    countchocula86 Dark Caster

    I would suggest having a gold pick and sword (or bow or whatever) and at least silver armor if not gold armor. You could certainly survive in just iron, but if you want to be as prepared as possible go gold.
  7. Seraphyx

    Seraphyx Green Slime

    Yeah I would definitely say gold weapons at least, silver or gold armor.

    Try to find caves and just keep venturing through there as far down as you can, and if you get to a dead end just dig straight down until you run into another cave, that's what I do at least and I found ores pretty easily.
  8. Hawkn

    Hawkn Green Slime

    ok. I have a gold broadsword atm.
  9. Necrose

    Necrose Green Slime

    you need to smash a shadow orb, but not all shadow orbs will drop a musket.
  10. Brent

    Brent Green Slime

    If I were you I would be in at least full silver, with gold weapons, because smashing orbs is a great way to get the eater of worlds boss spawned (which can be hard to kill without the right gear) If you have trouble finding materials, I suggest going farther down in your mines before worrying about guns.

    The arms dealer sells ammunition for guns, as well as flintlock pistols and the minishark. The only reason to get a flintlock is to combine it with meteorite ore for a space gun, and the minishark is really expensive. I have the space gun and I rarely use it since I have my flamarang and probably wouldn't use a gun anyway. The boomerang works so well for most enemies that you don't need another ranged weapon until you start going into hell, the underground jungle, or the dungeon.
  11. Sillynipples

    Sillynipples Squirrel

    Smash shadow orbs, you should get a musket in no time. You can reach them with dynamite or a good pickaxe.
  12. DermWorm981

    DermWorm981 Lava Slime

    Smash Shadow Orbs. I got one just by exploding my first Shadow Orb. Beware, every 3rd Shadow Orb you smash will awaken the Corruption's boss. To avoid the boss while looting the 3rd one, Save & Quit RIGHT AFTER you smash the Orb, also make sure you got the loot or you'll miss it forever until you smash another...
  13. Maksago

    Maksago Dark Caster

    Smash shadow orbs, the first one will ALWAYS drop a Musket.
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    FATPUNCHES Demon Eye

    shadow orb and you'll get yourself a crappy musket most of the time
  15. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    Not ALWAYS, I've broken the first ones on worlds and not gotten a musket a few times.
  16. DermWorm981

    DermWorm981 Lava Slime

    the Musket is not THAT bad. I use it a my primary weapon and for killing my fav first boss.
  17. Maksago

    Maksago Dark Caster

    From the official wiki:

    "The first Shadow Orb broken in a world (not destroyed with dynamite) will always drop a Musket and several Musket Balls."

  18. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    You need a Nightmare Pick mine Ebonstone, but you can blow it up.
  19. Emenii

    Emenii Bone Serpent

    Blow up a shadow orb!
  20. Goblin Sorcerer

    Goblin Sorcerer Cursed Man

    What did he ever do to you?
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