How to get a Nightmare axe to mine Ebonstone

Discussion in 'PC' started by Ullapool, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Ullapool

    Ullapool Angel Statue

    I'm a bit confused. I've read the wiki extensively and I can't figure this out so hopefully someone can help.

    I've found the corruption, seem to be able to handle it, and am in gold armor/weapons. There's these cool demon altars and shadow orbs. Sadly, all the shadow orbs appear to be blocked in by Ebonstone blocks. The wiki says to mine these, I need a Nightmare Pickaxe (or bombs - more on that later).

    To build a Nightmare Pickaxe, I need demonite (I have a little bit, but definitely not 12 bars of it), and shadow scales. Shadow scales drop from the Eater of Worlds. Eater of Worlds comes from breaking shadow orbs.... there's a cycle here I can't figure out how to get around.

    I *THINK* this means I have to summon the EoW using Worm Food. I think I can construct this - I have enough Rotten Chunks and Vile Powder.

    Is that the right way to do this?

    I've tried using bombs but the bounce of the bombs and their small explosion radius has made it pretty hard to dig into any of the little pockets where the shadow orbs are.

  2. Slip

    Slip Green Slime

    Try killing the Eye of Cthulhu, it drops Demonite Ore, used to make the Nightmare Pickaxe.
  3. ibowser123

    ibowser123 Paladin

    Well, he also needs shadow scales, which you don't get from the eye.

    Anyway, there are two ways you can do this. Either,

    A-Make sure you've killed the Eye at least once, then make a room for the Dryad NPC to spawn. She can sell you purification powder, which you can use on ebonstone to change it to regular stone, therefore giving you access to the shadow orbs.


    B-Go to the corruption and get enough meat and mushrooms to make Worm Food.

    Glad I could help!
  4. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    pure powder is your bet bet, unless you know that you can easily beat the EoW
  5. Zaffre2

    Zaffre2 Mouse

    You may either...

    1. Destroy the Eater of Worlds to get the materials needed to create the Nightmare Pickaxe.
    2. Destroy the Eye of Cthulhu, wait for a Dryad to move in, and buy some Purification Powder from her. This stuff turns ebonstone into normal stone allowing it to be mined.

    I hope this helps.
  6. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    There's several options.

    Bombs will remove Ebonstone, buy some Purification Powder from the Dryad or Summon the Eater of Worlds with Worm Food to get scales.
  7. Cricket

    Cricket Lava Slime

    You can also make sticky bombs (1 bomb, 5 gel). They stick to surfaces, so you can just chuck them at the shadow orb and they'll stick to the surface instead of rolling.
  8. nogloxiator

    nogloxiator Clinger

    You can stick to sticky bombs in a sticky situation.
  9. PhoenixUltima

    PhoenixUltima Cursed Man

    I always just use dynamite.
  10. moosemunch

    moosemunch Doctor Bones

    to use bombs, you can use dirt to make a little funnel to control where the bombs land, or you can just use sticky bombs
  11. AllanWidner

    AllanWidner Cursed Man

    I suggest killing Eye of Chtulu, ranged fight you can do with platforms for leaping out of the way, gold bow, and fire arrows. That gets you demonite ore to make the demonite axe. That also gets you the Dryad for purification powder like others suggested, or you can use sticky bombs or construct little dirt containments to position your bombs - or like you said (and I have always done) make the worm food, summon EoW, and kill him with the demonite axe.

    I find it easier to melee EoW than to range him, and nice thing about the axe is it does huge damage (edit: - huge damage for this stage in the game) and swings fairly fast. Use ironskin and regeneration potions before the fight, and a lot of the segments drop health regen hearts when they die - even in gold armor, you can almost stand still and whack him to death, though obviously moving out of his way to minimize damage is a much smarter idea. (Though honestly my preference might be just because I tend to prefer melee anyhow...)

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