How to Get Bones?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Mumblerful, May 22, 2011.

  1. Mumblerful

    Mumblerful Demon Eye

    Im looking for some Bones so i can Make the Necro armour, I Assume you get them off skeletons but ive Gone on a skeleton killling spree and Still haven't found any Bones, Can someone Explain how i go about getting Bones. :confused:
  2. Connor Murray

    Connor Murray Green Slime

    Same Here I Really Wanna Make Some Necro Armour but Cant Get Any Bones I to went on a skeleton killing spree i stayed down there for ages and couldnt find any bones :(
  3. Rehehelly

    Rehehelly Green Slime

  4. Evilmasteryoda

    Evilmasteryoda Green Slime

    Skeletons in a dungeon not the world
  5. Connor Murray

    Connor Murray Green Slime

    Oooooohh Okay Thanks BUGGER I need to get a better weapon then and take out skeletron e.e Damn You Skeletron Lightsaber Skeletron Skeletron Lightsaber.... Bye BYE!
  6. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

  7. Connor Murray

    Connor Murray Green Slime

    Yeah I remember Now In Pbats Terraria Lets Plays :) Thanks Im just gonna charge in there lightsaber couple of nades maybe some dynamite and grab myself some bones :D
  8. Mumblerful

    Mumblerful Demon Eye

    Thanks for the Info, But i fail at Bosses lol so looks like im not getting that Armour for a while.

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