Resolved How to get Painter/Mushroom NPCs?

Discussion in 'PC' started by DakotaSpine, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. DakotaSpine

    DakotaSpine Devourer

    Hey guys, Dakota here. Two questions, one, how do you get the Painter? And second question, how do you get the Mushroom Man? These two are NCPs I really want, but have no clue on how to get them. If you guys could help me, it would really be appreciated. Anyways, thanks for reading. Dakota, out.
  2. Shenox

    Shenox Green Slime

    You get the Truffle by using the glowing mushrooms new ability to grow on the surface. Just get some mud, place like 50 blocks on the surface and plant some mushroom seeds. Watch the magic happen, use glowing mushrooms to build a house and use them to craft mushroom furniture. As soon as the game agrees with the new area to be a mushroom biome, the truffle can move into that exact mushroom building. :3
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  3. Rip187

    Rip187 Yellow Slime

    LOL...this is real?

    Man...hearing stuff like this I am so excited to see waht I can find.
  4. Shenox

    Shenox Green Slime

    You can't see him too well on this screenshot, but I can proudly present: Agaric, the Truffle (the Truffle on one of my mates worlds): *click here :3*
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  5. Rip187

    Rip187 Yellow Slime

    haha...that's awesome.
  6. DakotaSpine

    DakotaSpine Devourer

    Thanks for the advice! I will do that as soon as I get home! :D
  7. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    To get the painter, get a painting.

    I found like fifty of those in my first underground run. You can also find them in the dungeon or hell.
  8. DakotaSpine

    DakotaSpine Devourer

    Heh, I didn't find any underground :/ AS soon as I reach the dungeon, I am repainting my house XD
  9. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    They're usually in underground "shrines" or "houses" (whichever you call them.) I'm not really interested in adorning my base with them, but I'm interested in pink paint, so I've kept a few to force-spawn the painter in whichever new world I decide to move to.
  10. creeperfred573

    creeperfred573 Green Slime

    There's actually two ways to get the painter. You listed the first one, and the second is to dye your armour a different colour.
  11. Silverity

    Silverity Blazing Wheel

    I did the mushroom house thing, he hasent moved in yet :(
  12. BeanonSteam

    BeanonSteam Green Slime

    If anyone does have trouble finding paintings, you can always find a moderate amount of them in the dungeon. I went back home with about 3 "Blood Moon Rising" paintings after a successful run in the "fungeon", which is a nice term for the Hardmode dungeon.
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  13. Rip187

    Rip187 Yellow Slime

    Just find any of the wooden houses down below you will find them. I've found some in about 50% of the ones I found.
  14. Valentinious

    Valentinious Green Slime

    okay so I created a mushroom biome on the surface (got the music and background), build a house of glowing mushrooms, with mushroom wall, muhroom workbench, mushroom chair and mushroom door, but still no truffle. I checked if it's a valid housing, it is. anyone knows what the problem is?
  15. Dragonlord

    Dragonlord Blazing Wheel

    Are you in hard mode (post Wall of Flesh)? If not, that's why.
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  16. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    It doesn't actually have to be mushroom stuff, mine moved in with just basic wooden furniture, as long as it's in an above-ground mushroom biome.

  17. SpeedShot

    SpeedShot Mouse

    I have same problem. I'm in hardmode. I built house for him with mushroom furniture, walls. House can be occupied but he can't spawn... I don't know, what i need to do, because i need autohammer from him...
  18. JanoS

    JanoS Cave Bat

    Painter will arrive when you already have 4 other NPCs. No painting is necessary. (source:sourcecode)
  19. Rydian

    Rydian Blood Crawler

    It's not mushroom furniture that you need.

    You need his house to be in an above-ground mushroom biome.
  20. SpeedShot

    SpeedShot Mouse

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