Pre 1.2 How to host a server on Terraria![GUIDE]

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  1. MissionZero Green Slime

    Terraria guide to hosting a server V1.0.3 by MissionZero
    • 1.Make sure your firewall is allowing Terraria for Public and Home (I had a problem where i couldn't connect and this fixed it =D)[IMG]
    • 1b. Now port forward the port to your windows firewall (Control panel>Windows Firewall>Advanced Settings>Inbound Rules>New Rule>Port>Then put port 7777 for Tcp and repeat for Udp)
    • 2.Start up a server. (Go to your Steam folder>Steamapps>Common>Terraria>Terrariaserver.exe)
    • 3.Your local host ip : - for your True IP.
    • 4. Minimize the Terraria window that is hosting the server.
    • 5.Open another Terraria window and join your server using the IP from step #3.
    -Port forwarding on your router may be needed.

    ◘Hamachi◘ (OPTIONAL)
    -Hosting on hamachi. Download
    (download unmanaged version)

    • 1.After downloading start a network by going to the top of Hamachi and clicking network
    • After starting the network Tell your friends to join it.
    • 2.Now the IP is the IP at the top of your Hamachi (ex.
    • 3.Enjoy!
    Use THISguide to fix Ninja slimes (teleporting monsters)Patched ☺
    Yay for first Post lol
  2. Joshua Smith Green Slime

    Port Forwarding doesn't work with a dynamic IP, most routers assign dynamic IPs. You might want to put a walkthrough on setting up a static IP.
  3. MissionZero Green Slime

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm not really going to post a Port forwarding walkthrough tho. This is a basic guide that leans to the newbie side.
  4. jordenkotor Green Slime

    Eww, Hamachi.
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  5. MissionZero Green Slime

    optional =P
  6. VegBerg Green Slime

    Hmm... Done all of above, can't connect without Hamachi >_<
    And yes, I knoe Port Forwarding and that shit.
  7. MissionZero Green Slime

    Yea idk what they did :confused:
  8. MissionZero Green Slime

    No more need for the ninja slime fix
  9. mokaiba The Groom

    youre a little late copying the content of my post i made days ago
  10. mokaiba The Groom

    unistall hamachi and then try
  11. Lord Of Errar Green Slime

  12. Keith Carlson Green Slime

    I don't really want to use Hamachi but the first one doesn't work. Are there any other ways? Should my friend let Terraria pass the wirewall (If it matters)
  13. MissionZero Green Slime

    I never copyed anyone i wrote this from scratch and all pictures are mine o-o...
    Please explain.

    No not yet sorry.
  14. Coco_knight Green Slime

    Terraria doesn't appear on my allowed programs panel. Why?
  15. MissionZero Green Slime

    Are you sure
  16. Coco_knight Green Slime

    Yes I'm sure, I scrolled down to 'T' (It's in alphabetical order) and there was Steam then.... Nothing. WHY?
  17. MissionZero Green Slime

    Try clicking on allow another program then browsing for terraria on your pc
  18. Coco_knight Green Slime

    I went there, scrolled around: Nothing; went to browse through my computer for the file. I found it but its the loading icon, I looked through the steam file and nothing... I need help. :(
    Edit: Found it, it can pass the firewall but it shows the same error message.
  19. MissionZero Green Slime

    Well what is the error message?
  20. Coco_knight Green Slime

    Well it's kinda cut off but this is what is not cut off:
    A connection attempt failed because connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed be---
    ---endpointSnapShot, Socket Address socket address)
    ---nt remote Ep)
    ---s address, int32 port)

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