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    First, you need 2 instances of the game running. So in the first instance of the game, you select create multiplayer and select/create a map with password or not. From now it can go two ways. Portforward or hamachi. I recomend hamachi for you and your friends, but if you prefer to have an easier access to your server, portforward.

    Will write up a full tutorial soon. For now, heres a link how to portforward.

    First, scroll down and search for your router. Click on it and select any game instance, won't matter for now. Then follow the instructions until you reach the port input section. For the ports use: 31337 with TCP/UDP. Now when you tell people to login to your server, you will have to use your ip and the port. To find your IP goto Example of a server: 42.525.53.431:31337

    Then you open hamachi and create a server. Name it whatever you want with whatever password. Now tell people your hamachi Server ID, password and the IP (on the top of hamachi client). Then when you "join game" just type in the hamachi IP and there you go.

    Sticky to combat the upcoming hordes of questions about SMP?

    Sources: (hamachi)
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    The port number is 31337
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    edited the post now.
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    Lol i love their choice of ports. ELEET. xD
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    Nice quick guide snoobs, thanks
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    thanks this really helped
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    UDP or TCP?I'ts not workign and I have it forwarded.
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    Still not working for me. Whenever I type in the IP and try to add the port at the end of it I can no longer press Accept to try and connect. Doesn't connect without the port either.
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    Didn't get it to work without hamachi so just use that guys, port forwarding doesn't seem to effect. Infact even locally I couldn't get on (with windows firewall off)
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    If you are trying to connect locally, it is important that you do not use localhost for an IP address (or
    Doing this will give you a "SocketException" error.

    Instead, use your WAN or LAN IP addresss to connect. An example would be "192.168.x.x" where "x" represents some digits.
    If this does not work, then you have not configured port forwarding properly on your router, or you have a firewall which is blocking the connection.

    To check port forwarding, start the server. Then, go to yougetsignal and type in "31337" as the port number. If it shows as "open", then you did everything correctly, and the internet can reach your server. If it is closed, check your router settings, firewall settings, and ensure that the server is started and listening.

    Using VPN software (read: Hamachi) should be used as an absolute last resort.
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    Just forward both UDP/TCP.

    You can connect with LAN IP, ( you will get an error.
    Unfortunately running it this way tends to eat up all CPU (each taking 50% Server/Client), so connecting to yourself is not advised.
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    Also, in case you have Hamachi running while trying to host via the portforward way, be sure to exit Hamachi or turn it off. Hamachi will pick up the server and use its own IP instead.
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    Unfortunately, unless you have purchased two copies of the game, this is the only (licit) way to join a server you've created. There is not yet a standalone server, and Steam prevents you from running two instances of the game on different computers.

    Considering the server is currently hard capped at 8 people, any decent computer should be able to run it fine. If you have a multicore computer, you can throw the instances on two seperate processors. Hopefully, by the time they remove the cap, they'll have also released a standalone server.
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    you know SMP means survival multiplayer right? thats a minecraft thing
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    That whooshing sound? That's the joke you just missed. If you run, you might be able to catch it!
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    for some reason, i can't play at all. i'm stuck on the screen with info on the clients connecting to my server...
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    That means it's working as intended. That window acts as your server monitor. Leave that window open, and open up a new copy of Terraria. Then, using the new Terraria, select the Multiplayer option, choose "Join", and connect to your own IP address. Follow the directions for port forwarding and determing your IP address above. If successful, you should see your own character show up in the "server monitor" window.
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    thank you!
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    Hey guys, after a hour of tinkering I finally found out to host a server.

    So first thing you need to do is port forward. Youtubing or Googling this will bring up a bunch of results: make sure you portforward both UCP/TDP and the port is 31337.

    After this, make your server in Terraria. After this has been done, open up another client of Terraria and join your server by entering your IP address (to find this, go to Network and Sharing Center - > Manage Adapters - > Right Click on the Connection You Use - > Properties -> IPV4 Settings, OR, go to Command Prompt, type ipconfig, and then look for IPV4 Address).

    You should be able to connect. Now, for your other people to join, go to and give them that address. NOT the one you used to connect. It should be smooth sailing from there on out.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hey I need some help!!!! I cant figure out how to setup my server with hamachi, I have done all the steps that have been on the forum and i still cant get it... I dont know what i have done wrong. I have one question which is: what is the name of the application when i port portforward and do i just put in 31337 in external and internal ports and then put my ip and then enable because that is what i have done but apperently you dont need to with hamachi can someone PLZ PLZ PLZ!!! HELP
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