How to install a downloaded map in Terraria

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    This is just a basic post to explain How to install a map or custom map, in Terraria. This is NOT a guide on how to create a world.

    Video Guide

    This guide is not made by me but by HBVvids.​


    1. Open up "My Computer".
    • Windows XP: Look for a program called "My Computer" and Open it up.
    • Vista/Windows 7: Go to your start menu, and click on "Computer", to the right of your start menu.
    2. Open up your "Documents" folder.​
    • Windows XP: Click on the "Directory Bar" (near the top of the screen) and double click on "My Documents"
    • Vista/Windows 7: Under the "Libraries" bar, click on Documents.
    3. Navigate to the "My Games" folder in your documents.​
    • All Windows Operating Systems: Scroll down until you see a folder dubbed "My Games", click on it.
    4. Find the "Terraria" folder and open up your "Worlds" folder.​
    • All Windows Operating Systems: Scroll down until you find a folder dubbed "Terraria", click on it. Do the same for the "Worlds" folder.
    5. Navigate to the world's file.​
    • Windows XP: Open up a new window of "My Computer" and find the directory where the world that you downloaded is place
    • Vista/Windows 7: Right click on the "Windows Explorer" box in your task bar, then click on "Windows Explorer" inside the right click "menu". Navigate to the directory, where your downloaded world is placed.
    • All Windows Operating Systems: Right click on the world file. Click on copy. Go to the window where your Terraria world folder is and right click on an empty space and click paste (Haha rhyme).


    1. Open up "My Computer".
    • Copy this and fill in the stuff in <> with your own info. Then paste it to your directory bar. "<Your disk drive letter where you keep my documents>:\<username on windows>\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds"

    Please post a reply to tell me what I did wrong/well and if it helped please like. Thanks!
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    This is very nice, will clean up the forums a bit. Should be stickied IMO.
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    Thank you Larthux!
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    Thanks for the great guide!
  5. Maldor

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    Thank you! I really appreciate it!
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    =) :)
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    thanks, now i can play :3
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    You're welcome! I appreciate everybody who says thank you.
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    Nice guide, thanks. =D

    Any my browser (Google Chrome) seems to think this page has possible malware contained in it, something about from the werven(dot)uni(dot)cc

    Note I have taken out the 'dots' so that is does not become a link, and an unsuspecting forumer clicks on it.
    So do realise, I do not want you to click this link, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? It does seem to be only this thread :/
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    Yah, my G.C. does not like it ether. I don't know why
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    sorry but right click on windows explorer then click on windows explorer how does that work
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    Are you on XP (or lower) or Windows 7/Vista?
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    You're welcome!

    And about that, it may be the dragon eggs on Larthux's signature, or an ad. It's most likely his signature because those aren't allowed anymore and you won't find them around very much.
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    This could do with some screenshots..
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    I can't be in the same gene pool with people that consider method 2 difficult
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    it probably could use some screenshots but the original poster hasnt been on here for a few weeks
    maybe someone could make some then get a moderator to edit them in for him?
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    Thanks for the guide; helped me alot!
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    thank u soo much
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    Whenever I open up my terraria folder it says "Windows Explorer has stopped working" and then shuts down.
    Any help?
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    I actually didn't know where my terraria worlds were (for posting custom made worlds) before i read this! :p

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